Primary Years

The Primary Years are a formative time. The College’s friendly, caring environment nurtures individual growth and learning as academic, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual foundations are encouraged and developed in young lives. Collaboratively, our Primary staff work to maximise learning opportunities for each student in a technology-rich environment, ensuring that curriculum is taught through a biblical worldview.

We understand and recognise that each child is unique, with different talents, areas of interest, and learning strengths. Academic programs are designed to provide each student with the opportunity to master foundational skills in all aspects of the curriculum, with a particular focus on literacy and numeracy.  

Based on National Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabuses, we provide a stimulating differentiated curriculum to meet the full range of needs and abilities of students in each Stage of learning.


Kindergarten at the College is a year of discovery through play and being gradually introduced to school learning formalities.

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Stage 1

At the College we are dedicated to providing a loving, caring and nurturing environment for our Early Primary Years students.

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Stage 2

Years 3 and 4 are such an exciting period in students’ development!

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Stage 3

Years 5 and 6 students continue to learn to exercise their independence, both as learners and leaders.

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Learning at Norwest

In the Primary Years, students are supported to engage deeply in learning, both in academic knowledge and the skills needed to be effective learners. Our goal is to grow students who pilot their own learning, understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and setting challenging learning goals. Additionally, we aim that students understand the value of learning in community. Through collaborative learning experiences our students learn to work effectively with others towards common goals, seek to understand what others are saying and respond compassionately.

We assist Primary Years students to understand that mistakes, struggle and failure are a natural part of the learning cycle as these situations allow for time to stretch and grow different learning skills. Students are supported to develop skills to utilise when they become stuck in their learning, developing confidence in their learning ability and independence in their learning journey.

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Pastoral Care

Each student has the benefit of connecting with a significant adult who holds a responsibility for the personal development of the student by considering their spiritual growth and social development as well as their academic progress

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Learning Enrichment

A well-resourced Learning Enrichment team works together with classroom educators and the child’s parents in developing an individual program that specifically meets the needs of students who require extension or support in specific areas. 

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Our Primary Years Physical Education program develops strength, coordination, fitness, and a love of movement, and our representative sporting program gives students the opportunity to compete in a wide variety of sports.

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Performing Arts

Involvement in performing arts encourages the development of imagination and emotional intelligence, helping students to discover their passions. In Primary Years, students have the opportunity to join choir groups, string ensembles and band groups, various lunch time clubs and dance groups.

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A huge range of co-curricular opportunities are available for Primary students to discover and develop their passions.

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Student Leadership

Throughout the Primary Years students are given opportunities to use and develop their leadership skills. Primary classroom curriculum seeks to develop the interpersonal and organisational skills necessary for leadership.

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Norwest Challenge

The Norwest Challenge seeks to raise individual esteem and motivation through participation and recognition and, encourages students to become fully involved in College and community life.

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Today's students are digital natives and thus are typically very savvy with technology. At the College we teach students to benefit from meaningful engagement with the world through technology.

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Christian Growth and Development

The College seeks to present opportunities for each student to develop a personal Christian faith. In the context of learning about the universe and the intricate balances present in every day.

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