Parents and Friends Association

The Norwest Christian College Parents & Friends Association (P&F) is a vibrant part of our College community who wish to contribute to the life of the College.

The goals of the NWCC Parents & Friends Association are:

To nurture an inclusive community among College parents and friends.
To inform and equip College parents and friends with relevant knowledge and skills to support their children in the development of their character and faith.
To support the College, its students, families, Board and staff in prayer.
To raise funds to support the College in the improvement of its facilities.

The P&F organises a variety of events during the year. We would love for you to join us at one of these events and also to attend our regular meetings and help shape the College’s future.

2021 P&F Executive

President: Claire Lamont
Vice-President: Michelle Gollop
Secretary: Louise Rudling
Treasurer: Emily Archbold

Contact Email: [email protected]

P&F Executive

Mrs Marlow is pleased to introduce the 2021 Parents and Friends Executive Team. Take a moment to find out about each of the keen and committed College Parents in their profiles below:

President - Claire Lamont I am a mum of four and have been part of the community at Norwest for seven years. My family and I attend Riverstone Baptist Church where I also run a playgroup. I am excited and honoured to be on the P&F Executive and look forward to working with many parents over the coming year. Norwest has a really unique and special community feel about it, and I hope as President of the P&F I can help continue to nurture and build positive relationships among the community.

Vice-President - Michelle Gollop I’m so thankful for the opportunity to continue being part of the P&F, and continue to make a difference across the school environment and entire NWCC community. My husband and I have two boys in secondary and a daughter in primary. After such a different year for all of us last year, I am looking forward to helping to build the school community again.

Secretary - Louise Rudling Our family joined the NWCC Community in 2014 when we enrolled our eldest daughter into the ELC. Now with all 3 children at the school, across ELC, infants and primary, I joined the P&F as Secretary in 2020. I am incredibly grateful to have an opportunity to give back to the School Community that has supported myself and my family in so many ways. My hope is that more people see the P&F as a way of strengthening community, building friendships and connections, and staying up to date with information relating to the school and our children.

Treasurer - Emily Archbold I am a mum of four with my two eldest daughters in the primary years at the College. We attend Castle Hill Baptist Church. Our family has been at the College for five years and we value the strong community focus of the College. I have felt encouraged and supported through many events the P&F have organised. I am looking forward to being involved in the P&F and supporting the College community.


The AGM is the forum in which annual reports are presented, the past year is reviewed, and elections are held for executive positions for the coming year. The positions to be elected at the AGM are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Each position is held for a 12-month period. As per the P&F Constitution, positions are made vacant each year. Previous office holders are eligible to be nominated again, provided they have not served their full 2-year term in the one position.

The positions available and nominations are below. If you would like to understand what is involved in any of the available positions or any other aspect of the P&F you are welcome to contact the current team by emailing [email protected]

The College is thankful for the work of the P&F in developing the College community through events, fundraising and purchases. Particular thanks goes to those who have filled positions of responsibility on the P&F for their hard work and commitment.

Executive Positions


The President shall preside at all meetings of the association except that, in the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside and, in the absence of the President and Vice President, The Committee shall elect a Chairperson. The President will be able to demonstrate a personal faith and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and a lifestyle consistent with that faith including an active commitment to a Christian fellowship. The President’s duties shall in addition to the above include:

  • Ensuring proper governance of the Association at all times;
  • Act as the responsible person in dealing with matters related to Norwest Christian College (the College) and its Board of Directors;
  • Direct the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer of the Association from time to time as required in the conduct of the affairs of the Association and their role performance;
  • Ensure that the audited financial statements of the Association are provided to the College are delivered to the College as prescribed by article 7.3 of this Constitution;
  • Ensure that there is an open and cooperative dialogue with the Board of the College in relation to the activities of the Association;
  • Ensure that the objectives of the Association at all times align with the vision, mission and educational objectives of the College as set out in the College’s website and any directives of the Board of the College.

Vice-President The Vice-President of the Association shall deputise for the President in his/her absence.


  • The Secretary shall attend meetings, prepare agendas, keep a record of all business conducted, receive and send correspondence, and similar duties unless these have been delegated to another member by the Association by the President.
  • On relinquishing office the Secretary shall hand over all records, minutes, account books, etc to the incoming Secretary.


  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and depositing monies, maintaining records, making authorised payments and presenting accounts to each general meeting. The Treasurer shall present all records for auditing each year.
  • The Treasurer shall render to the Annual General Member’s meeting a duly audited statement of receipts and payments.
  • The Treasurer shall present to each general meeting of the Association a written financial statement for the period prior to the meeting. Money raised or contributed for special purposes shall not be applied to any other purpose except by the consent of the donor/s.
  • On relinquishing office the Treasurer shall hand over all records to the incoming Treasurer.