Leadership Team

Felicity Marlow – Principal

“I have always felt that Norwest Christian College is special. It places loving God at the centre of all that it does, whether learning, policies, interactions with students, parents and staff, or events. I believe this is the foundation of a truly excellent education. It is God who made us and therefore knows what we need. When we seek His presence in all that we do, we are onto something very special.”

With her foundations as a Music teacher, Felicity was inspired from an early age, through interactions with one of her own teachers, who inspired her to use her God-given creativity. Felicity is very passionate about having input into the precious lives of young people, and helping students understand that God's plan for their lives is perfect and that even in their complex world, He has all the answers. To enhance her capacity to serve as an educational leader, Felicity completed her Masters of Educational Leadership at the University of NSW in 2020.

All four of Felicity’s children have attended Norwest Christian College, starting in Prep and she has watched the transformation of the College. “I have loved seeing God at work in the College throughout these years and I am grateful to be a part of the next stage of growth. It is an exciting time to be at Norwest as we continue to grow with many new families joining our community and the addition of new learning spaces throughout our College.”

Colin Wood – Deputy Principal

Colin has extensive experience in Christian Education and is excited to be a part of the community here at Norwest Christian College. “I share my colleagues’ enthusiasm for honouring Christ in all that we do to assist young people in understanding who they are in Christ and what His purpose is for each of them.” He believes that as Christian educators “we are like-minded in working toward each student discovering their God-given purpose and responding to that understanding with action”.

Colin believes that it is crucial to clearly share the peace that comes from knowing what we have in Christ and how we don't need to be defined by our culture, or our mistakes. The opportunity to disciple young people and develop their faith is considered by Colin to be a privilege and a significant responsibility.

Colin completed a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), has a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Masters in Education, focusing on Leadership. He is a father of four children and has been involved in a number of ministries at his Church, including Children's Ministry, Men's Ministry, the Welcome and Drama Teams.

Daryl Hinton – Head of Secondary

“I believe teachers have the unique and privileged job of working with students, parents and the wider community to bring about real and notable change in the world. Teachers are in a position of great responsibility where they can encourage and inspire the learning process of young people.”

As our Head of Secondary Years, Daryl has a wealth of experience and passion for Christian Education. Having completed a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education, Daryl knew he wanted to be a teacher when he experienced the joy of using his gifts to serve God within a Christian context, to enable students to reach their full potential through the development of their mind, skills and character.

Daryl believes that the community here at Norwest is unique because the “staff are committed to a holistic education for each student, ensuring they know their God-given purpose and are expertly equipped to pursue that purpose.” Daryl and his family serve in their Church community, as House Parents for their youth ministry and lead a young adults Bible study.

Linda Hogan – Director, Teaching and Learning (K-12)

“What excites me most about teaching is igniting curiosity in students to learn something new, to extend themselves beyond what they considered themselves capable of.”

Linda is very passionate for students to grow into great men and women of purpose. Linda’s desire to become a teacher developed when she was in Primary school. “My Year 4 teacher was urgently called away from the classroom. The teacher in the adjoining room rushed in, thrust a piece of chalk in my hand and nominated me to take over. It was such a delight at nine to be chosen for this important job and I remember vividly thinking, “I'd love to be a REAL teacher someday!"

Linda and her family support the organisation WaterAid, an international charity which transforms lives in developing countries by giving thousands access to clean water. They also support the Boys’ Town charity and the work of Father Chris Riley with his "Youth off the Streets" program.

Dee Fulcher – Head of Primary

Dee started her teaching career in 1992 as a high school teacher in the public system. In 2002, she commenced teaching in Christian education and she loves that she can share her love for Christ with the children she teaches and help them cultivate a close relationship with their Creator who loves them unconditionally and has created them all unique in His image.

She is passionate about creating learning opportunities that engage and excite her students. “It is a privilege to help students discover their God-given talents and teach them how to use these for His glory and purpose in their everyday lives.”

Suzi Scott – Director, Early Learning Centre and OSHC

"There is so much excitement for learning and exploring new things in the early years of childhood. There is a lot of wonder and joy in young children which I love to be a part of."

Suzi Scott is no stranger to Early Childhood Education. Having completed a Degree in Early Childhood Teaching and with over 25 years’ experience in a range of centres. Suzi recognises that it is a privilege to lead & direct the team of educators in the ELC.

Suzi knew she wanted to become a teacher when she was asked as a small child by her class teacher to 'hold the class' while she quickly ran an errand. "I loved it! And my teacher returned to see that I was in complete control of the group and they were responding well to me."

Suzi believes that Norwest is unique because it "brings all the very best of education and relationship with God in one place".

Andrew Beitsch – Director of Professional Learning and Accreditation

Andrew is passionate about the Norwest community because of the “strength of relationships in the school community and genuine Christian care and compassion where everyone is valued.” Andrew comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge, having completed a Bachelor of Business Administration with Arts (Psychology) and his Masters of Education. Along with his role on the Executive team, Andrew also teaches Economics, Business Studies and Commerce, as well as mentors educators to be continually growing their practice to make sure every student has the best possible start in life.

One of the reasons Andrew knew he wanted to become a teacher was being involved in a church youth group as a leader. One of Andrew’s most memorable classroom experiences was when “students were able to develop their own island 'economy' and make decisions about how to share resources and allocate jobs. I could not believe the depth of insight and quality of discussions that came from this.”

Andrew serves in his local church through leading services, organisationally, occasional preaching and playing the bass guitar. Andrew loves the opportunity to “reflect on what God's Word has to say to us and sharing with others the way following Jesus brings hope and offers the best way to live life to the full”. Andrew is also “passionate about raising awareness and taking action to address poverty and support the important work of Compassion Australia because I know many people around the world do not get to enjoy many of the blessings that are in Australia.”