Do I have to attend church to enrol my child?

No, however we do require both students and parents to respect and support the College’s Christian faith and values, and fully and positively participate in all College programs. For more information about Christian Growth & Development here at Norwest Christian College please click here.

How do I enrol my child?

The Enrolment Process provides a step-by-step guide on how to enrol your child at Norwest Christian College

When does the College run campus tours?

The College regularly hosts group tours during each term. Bookings are essential. Click here for more information.

Does the College have a waiting list?

Yes, for many cohorts there is a waiting list. It is best to enquire as early as possible to ensure a place is available for your child. To secure a place on our waiting list, a completed Application for Enrolment form needs to be received for your child.

How early can I submit my application?

The College accepts enrolment applications at any time, however our enrolment process (Application Review stage onwards) commences within 24 months prior to the cohort commencement for our Primary and Secondary Years (Year 1 to Year 12), and within 12 months prior for our Kindergarten and Early Learning Centre (Preschool and Preparatory). Completed applications received outside of this timeframe will be acknowledged and held until they are eligible to commence the enrolment process.  It is best to enquire as early as possible so we can start the application process and avoid disappointment.

What is the cut-off date for applications?

There is no cut-off date for enrolment applications, however to ensure your child can participate in orientation events (and a Readiness Assessment for all Kindergarten applications) we suggest submitting your application prior to Term 4 of the previous year as a minimum. Applications received after this time will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

The College also accepts applications throughout the school year depending on availability of places.

Does an application guarantee a place?

No. All applications are reviewed, and parents will be advised if their application is successful to progress to enrolment interview. Please view our Enrolment Process to find out more.

Are there fee discounts for two or more children?

Yes, the second enrolment in any family receives a 25% discount on tuition and the third and subsequent enrolments receive free tuition. Families pay the Curriculum Resource Fee for each of their children. For more information see our Fee and Scholarship page.

What is the age for Kindergarten entry?

All Kindergarten students should have turned five by the end of March the year they are in Kindergarten. Students who are turning five between April and July are recommended to enrol in our Early Learning Centre Preparatory program in the year prior to Kindergarten and will be considered on a case-by-case basis in regards to their social, emotional and academic readiness.

Does a place in the ELC secure Kindergarten entry?

Places for our Kindergarten cohort are prioritised each year to our Preparatory students and current Primary and Secondary Years siblings.

Does a place in Primary secure Year 7 entry?

Yes, if there is vacancy within that Primary cohort, all students enrolling into our Primary Years, will progress into Year 7 unless you formally notify the College in writing otherwise.

When is Orientation Day?

Orientation days for Kindergarten and Year 7 take place in Term 4 in the year prior to their commencement.  

The College’s Parents and Friends Association also provides welcome events for all new students and their families at the end of Term 4 each year.  

What transport options are available for my Child?

Information regarding transport options to and from the College can be found on our Location and Transport page otherwise please email norwestbus@nwcc.nsw.edu.au with your child’s name, home address and expected or current cohort and we will provide available transport options for you.

What are the school hours?

Please visit our Hours and Routines page to find out more.

Do you provide before and/or after school care?

Yes! We offer before and after school care as well as vacation care during school holidays. Please view our OSHC page to find out more.  

Will my child learn a language?

Yes, we teach Mandarin in Year 7 and 8. Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 engage in a STEM program. 

Is there a separate Summer and Winter uniform?

No, to reduce costs the winter uniform is simply the summer uniform with a blazer, and a jumper if extra warmth is required. All items are available from our Uniform Shop located on campus.

Do you offer a broad selection of subjects?

We offer a very wide range of subjects from Primary through to Year 12. Please visit our Primary Curriculum and Secondary Curriculum pages to find out more.

What sport options are available to students?

Students maintain a regular routine of physical activity through our Physical Education program, which develops their strength, coordination, fitness, teamwork, and a love of movement. Students can also participate in inter-school competitions, team gala days, and College sport carnivals where talented sportspersons may be selected to compete at State and National representative levels. More information regarding sport opportunities can be found on our Sport page.

What learning support/extension options are there?

Our staff are passionately committed to creating an effective, enriching learning environment for all students. Each teacher brings educational expertise and genuine care to the classroom, working closely with every student to challenge and engage them at every level. The College also offers additional learning support and extension programs through our Learning Enrichment team to identified students who would benefit from these opportunities. Visit our Learning Enrichment page to find out more.

What Co-Curricular activities are available?

Co-Curricular activities give each child the opportunity to discover how God has made them and to find purpose in using those skills. Importantly, engagement with co-curricular activity fosters a sense of connectedness and belonging which play an important role in student wellbeing.  

The College provides a strong extra-curricular program which includes many opportunities for participation in the Creative Arts, Sports, Ministry, Academic and other fields. View our Co-Curricular activities page to discover current opportunities.