Primary Years

Today's students are digital natives and thus are typically very savvy with technology. At the College we teach students to benefit from meaningful engagement with the world through technology. All Infants classes have an interactive screen in their room, Primary classes have a large screen which is used as a teaching tool. Infants students (Kindergarten to Year 2) have access to handheld technologies, and Primary students (Year 3 to Year 6) are part of the College’s Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program. All classes integrate the use of technology into the curriculum enhancing student learning with access to the internet and a variety of engaging, interactive programs that introduce relevant thinking tools to students.

Secondary Years

Technology plays an extensive role in facilitating learning and teachers arrange learning activities knowing that all students have a device to access content in each lesson. Each room has a digital projector and access to wireless internet. Various subject areas have specialist equipment for students to access such as 3D Printers, laser cutter and desktop PCs with specific software. Secondary students (Year 7 to Year 12) are provided with a College-owned laptop. The College uses an Online Learning Management System to deliver multimedia and interactive content so that students have a consistent experience across all subjects. The IT Code of Conduct communicates expectations so that students understand the importance of using technology in a safe and respectful way that enhances learning. Our teachers guide students in the responsible use of technology as they employ it to enhance classroom experiences, increase participation, and improve learning.