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​Self Care September

Self-care isn't selfish, it's essential. No-one's perfect. But so often we compare our insides to other people's outsides. This month we're encouraging everyone to be kinder to themselves (as well as others), especially when things go wrong. Self-care increases our resilience and helps us get more out of life. It also helps us accept others as they are too. For more information please click here to visit the website or download the Self Care September Calendar.

Counselling Services

1300 735 030
Various Locations

BaptistCare Family and Counselling Services
1300 275 227

Beyond Blue
1300 224 636
Mental Wellbeing Support Service

Bridges Counselling
9683 1444

8843 2500

Ezra Clinic Morling College
8197 1746
Macquarie Park

1300 473 528 Bella Vista

Life Support Counselling
1300 735 030
Multiple Locations- Counselling and Psychology

1800 864 846
Various Locations

Wellbe Counselling and Psychology Service
Counselling and Psychology Service

RUOK? Resources - Secondary

Years 7-12

Not doing great?
Going through tough times?
Stress, anxiety and feeling down can affect anyone, and happens to a lot of us at some point in our lives have a look at beyondblue for young people (12-25 years old)

Gratitude apps for iphone and android and ways to say thank you.
Gratitude apps
Thank you

Years 7-9

Brains have minds of their own.

Going out
Making you feel worried all the time
Making it hard to enjoy the things you normally do

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I want to shift some things, but things are usually okay

I’ve got too much going on in my mind - 5 ways to declutter your mind
I need some ways to chill for cheap
Feeling bullied? – 5 ways to look after yourself
I want to be more positive because I'm not looking after myself - how to be awesome at self care

Getting on with things - Which of these will I do today?

The “talking about what really matters” video suggests a few areas of life that “are most important” but yours may be different, you might want to be more specific with an instrument or a sport or reading:

  • relaxation
  • creativity
  • physical health
  • relationships
  • work education

Which of these will I do today?

Try selecting two of these and begin today:

  • Message friends to say hi and check in on how they’re going
  • Call friends to say hi and check in on how they’re going
  • Begin, make an entry in, and plan for consistent use of a ‘gratitude journal’
  • Pray and plan for regular prayer
  • Spend reflective time outside (taking in my surrounds and being in the moment)
  • Complete 30-90 minutes of exercise

Some helpful things to work on and follow:

  • dailymoodchart.pdf (download) – then plan to do it once or twice each day
  • you can start a gratitude journal (a blank diary)or make a profile in thanktank – plan to do it each day
  • plan for and track your physical activity and set goals – count steps on your phone or watch, record minutes or activities, whatever will work
  • Write a thank you email or letter – first make a list of who you can thank and why then slowly work through your list 

As mentioned in the video.
Download it from;
google play
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