Parents Managing Behaviour Online

It is important to start this section with the comment that the College believes that parents are not substitute teachers in the context of online learning. We really appreciate the support and engagement of parents in the online learning of their children and appreciate that there are significant challenges uniquely present for each family context. 

Incorrect behaviour is most likely to occur because the child:

  • doesn’t understand the work
  • is wilfully distracted
  • is distracted by things out of their control

Parents can work to manage the behaviour of their children by:

  1. Providing an appropriate learning location – desk and learning area, minimal distractions, comfortable with good lighting, etc
  2. Assisting them to be prepared
  3. Expecting them to independently complete the set work
  4. Checking in during the lesson (at most twice per lesson)
  5. Observing any distractions (reducing or discussing these with the child)
  6. Balance break times and break activities
  7. Discuss student intentions for the following day(s)

If parents have any concerns, they are encouraged to:

  • Check if there are teacher concerns – an email of query to relevant teachers
  • Name and discuss the specific concern with the child
  • Communicate with relevant teachers about their child not understanding work
  • Set goals – volume of or time spent on work
  • Provide rewards/incentives for agreed goals