Art Enrichment

The Norwest Seed Academy drawing and painting tutorial, covers many techniques and mediums associated with the fields of drawing and painting.

In these tutorials, students will learn to use mediums such as pencil (coloured and graphite), pastels, water colour, chalk, charcoal, collage, acrylic paints and an introduction to oil, as well as exploring other mediums of student interest. Various techniques and approaches to the artmaking process will be the focus of each term.

The term overview serves as a guideline illustrating the mediums and techniques that students will explore any given week. Students will access tuition at their own level, pace and areas of interest within the framework provided.

Term 1 Focus

Plein Air Studies. Natural landscapes. Developing sketching skills and noticing skills. Pencil mediums moving on to watercolour. Plein Air Studies. Constructed landscapes. Developing perspective drawing skills. Pencil mediums moving on to acrylic. Two artworks on paper.

Term 2 Focus

Still Life Studies. Observational and representational (realistic) drawing skills. Pencil mediums moving on to acrylic paint. Still Life Studies. Expressive and Abstract. Developing expressive drawing skills and introducing abstraction theory. Pencil mediums moving on to acrylic paint. Introduction to canvas. Two artworks 1 x paper, 1 x canvas

Term 3 Focus

Animals: Exploring animal structures with realistic intent. Developing observational and texturizing drawing skills. Pencil mediums only. Animals: Exploring animal structures through collage. Developing collage construction skills and image compositing skills. Collage mediums. Two artworks on paper

Term 4 Focus

People: Aspects of figurative drawing in expressive style. Pencil mediums moving onto oil. On paper. Exhibition opportunities. There are some possibilities for exhibiting SEED artworks at Movimento (the end of year showcase), and in the LRC Gallery space. More information about these opportunities will follow.


Although many supplies will be provided within these tutorials, students will need to provide their own A4 or A3 Visual Art Diary (VAD). There are many Visual Art Diaries on the market with varying degrees of quality. It is up to the student to decide how they would like to record their progress and collect their artwork. My recommendation is a Visual Art Diary with a heavyweight paper (approx. 200gsm) that can cope with the various mediums that will be explored throughout the tutorials. A ring bound book is also easier to draw in.

Students are welcome to bring in their own mediums and surfaces also

Art Tutors

Sarah Frost

Sarah has been working and studying as an artist for the past three years. In that time she has already received acknowledgement in the arts community as a finalist in local art competitions and recently judged the winner of the James Gleeson Award for Surrealism in 2018.

Sarah's practice revolves around drawing, painting, ink work and collage with a focus on surrealism, symbolism and dream imagery.

Sarah has been teaching Seed Art for over a year and loves helping young artists develop their passion and practice. Learning art reveals the immense scope of interests and techniques that can be unlocked for young artists and creatively minded people.

For more information on Sarah's works and art career, please visit

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