Norwest Seed Academy offers a wide range of Music tuition.

Vocal Tuition

Vocal tuition classes offer training and and understanding of vocal technique, breathing, support, posture, and performance. With focuses on vocal anatomy and performance, students will be able to grow their talent and excel in the main growth areas. The objectives and goals of these lessons is to teach every student how to properly use their ‘instrument’. It is to grow their voice in a safe, encouraging and educational environment.

Piano Tuition

Students will receive instruction through a variety of mediums including flashcards, theory activity pages, Scales, Sight-reading and Aural Exercises, through verbal instruction, and, of course, practical experience at the keyboard to allow them to acquire the basics of music and mastery of keyboard techniques. Students will also have the opportunity to complete graded levels of music and develop in all areas of musicianship to move on to perform with greater confidence, accompany groups within the school and in their respective church settings. Students are encouraged to enter into the AMEB program of study and sit for annual examinations from either Classical or Leisure Syllabus and can expect to receive passing marks and certificates of achievement from AMEB.

Drum Tuition

For beginners, students will learn everything from how to hold drum sticks correctly to understanding basic drum tabs/notation, playing dynamically with backing tracks and basic drum techniques. Intermediate students will have the opportunity to expand their learning with; Different time signatures like 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 and 7/8; Reading and following a whole songs drum notation; Breaking down a whole song, analysing it's parts; Practicing a particular song the student chooses, starting at 75% speed, building up for full speed, then playing to a drumless backing track; Improvising non-linear fills while playing with tutor playing guitar; More complex drum rudiments including flams, double stroke rolls, triplets; Hi-hat improvisations with 16th notes, using the Hihat pedal for additional flavour; Hitting the off-beats on the snare; creating more flavour with Bass pedal; Using the ride cymbal, including the bell and incorporating dynamic sounds from different cymbals.

Guitar & Bass Tuition

Guitar tuition is available for students from absolute beginners through to intermediate. Students have the opportunity to follow a set curriculum or tailoring lessons to their individual needs. Students will also learn to perform with greater confidence, accompany groups within the school and in their respective church settings.

Violin Tuition

Weekly violin lessons include focus on technique, including: Correct playing posture, Intonation, vibrato, tuning, Scales, Arpeggios and more. The curriculum used in lessons varies depending on the student’s wishes and their musical needs and levels. The repertoire used includes AMEB, Suzuki, as well as a variety of supplemental pieces in a large range of musical styles and genres. The main focus and objectives of these lessons is finding ways to regularly challenge, inspire and motivate the students to practice and learn more in order to help them become better musicians with a lifelong love of music.

NWCC Band and Choir Programs

Music at Norwest Christian College offers students the chance to explore their creativity. There is a strong focus on music performing as well as music creation. The vision of Norwest Christian College is to continue to grow the arts and to offer all students the opportunity to be involved in music making and develop their God given talents so that the arts become a life-long interest and become an active member of the college community. They enable students to grow their skills as musicians but also helps to develop all the BPL dispositions. 

For more information on the programs available please click on the links below.

Development Band
Intermediate Concert Band
String Ensemble
Girls Choir

Music Tutors

Jennifer Cheung - Piano

Jennifer Cheung has been a music lover for as long as she can remember. She has been both playing piano and singing since a very young age, taking every opportunity to use her music to participate in church worship, orchestras, choirs, and competitions. Her education at The Master’s University in California provided opportunities for her to tour the state as a keyboardist for a worship band and internationally sing for The Master’s Chorale. She holds both an AMEB Certificate of Performance for piano and also AMEB Grade 8 for singing. 

Jennifer believes that a dedicated teacher never stops learning – a principle outlined in an article she had published in The Piano Teacher magazine. She still practices daily and besides volunteering for church worship, performs whenever she has the opportunity. She also utilises pedagogy conferences, online resources, and the advice of a vast community of piano teachers all to become a more equipped teacher for her own students. She believes that piano pedagogy is constantly under revision, and she seeks to learn the best methods of teaching which can then be tailored to the individual learning style of each student under her care. 

Jennifer feels so blessed to be part of the Norwest Seed Academy team and loves the time spent one on one with her students in lessons. She wants her students to experience the joy of music that piano lessons can bring. She considers piano both a foundational and versatile instrument and teaches her students to sightread, play by ear, and by rote. She also incorporates musical history and theory into the lessons so that her students can have a fuller appreciation for all that music is and has to offer. With a well-rounded, versatile repertoire and performance opportunities though Seed Academy and AMEB exams, her students can be immersed into an experience that can extend past school and into their life beyond

Sarah Maleckas - Guitar & Bass

Sarah loves playing guitar, particularly its flexibility, creative freedom and warmth of sound. It is more than an instrument for her and she loves to share this passion with students. Her goal is to develop children who love guitar into adults who love guitar. She firmly believes a guitar has the potential to be a life-long friend. The more you give the relationship, the more it gives back. She has been playing guitar for over 15 years after starting out on the drums about 20 years ago. She still loves drumming, but finds greater joy in the guitar. It gives her the ability to express emotion in a way that words can’t. Her biggest influences are B.B King, Eric Clapton, John Mayer and The Beatles.

"I love sharing my passion for guitar with students. My approach to tutoring is to balance theory and technique with relationship to open up the sheer joy playing music brings. My goal is to foster a life-long passion for playing guitar and to help students actually enjoy the process of learning, and not just rehearsing for the performance. I fully believe and repeat often: Try and think of it like this: You haven't 'got to play guitar' .... you 'get to play your guitar!"

"I love getting to know the individual personalities of my students and discovering what motivates and interests them. From there we can shift what we cover based on their curiosity. It is an incredible thrill when they discover something we have been working on and their face lights up."

Sarah want students to feel the magic of playing with another person just for the joy of it. Her favourite part of tutoring guitar is simply jamming with them. "I love sitting with another musician and just being in that moment, letting them shine, opening up space to see them expand their skills, and hopefully through this experience, help the student fall in love with it too."

James Walsh - Drums & Acoustic Guitar

James has been playing drums for the last 25 years and has been tutoring at various schools around the district for 10 years. He teachers a variety of styles such as rock, jazz, funk and latin. Not only do students learn co-ordination, dynamics, improvisation and sight reading, but also an appreciation and love of music is instilled in them through listening exercises, games and songs.

James not only has a long history of playing drums and other musical instruments, he also has a Bachelor of Music and Masters in Secondary Teaching, as well as continued development and experience with the ORFF music teaching methods.

James has played in a variety of musical ensembles from contemporary rock, punk, funk and folk bands, to playing percussion in the Sydney Wind Symphony.

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