Stage 5

Students in years 9 & 10 study NESA courses that prepare them well for their study of Stage 6 courses for the HSC. Students in Stage 5 are afforded greater choice in their learning paths with elective subjects available to them for the first time.


Core  subjects include:

  • English
  • Geography 
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • Science

Students have great flexibility in their selections and can choose to study up to four electives in these two years to provide variety and to support students with a broad range of interests.   

Elective subjects include: 

  • Commerce
  • Chinese
  • Design & Technology
  • Drama
  • Engineering Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Information Software Technology
  • Industrial Technology (Timber)
  • Music 
  • Philosophy 
  • Photography and Digital Media
  • Physical Activity and Sports Studies
  • Textiles 
  • Visual Arts

Students attend a subject information evening and undertake an interview process with the Career's Advisor or Senior Teacher to assess the suitability of their subject choices for Stage 5.  

At the end of Stage 5 there is no longer a final examination. Rather, students can receive a Record of School Achievement (RoSA) if they are eligible and leave school prior to receiving their Higher School Certificate. 

Please note:   Where there is insufficient interest in a course it may not run. 

Stage 5 Camps

Urban Challenge Camp – Year 9  

Students experience an urban camp setting in Year 9 designed to build leadership, resilience and self-reliance in and around our own harbour city. Students are immersed into real world challenges where teamwork, flexible thinking, and initiative are required, and fun is the order of the day! Each team member has their own responsibility and works interdependently to conquer the challenge. Students develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and their group and as a result, finish their camp experience with greater confidence and an appreciation of their team-mates gifts and value.  

 The challenge reveals itself over three days with many surprises along the way. College staff accompany each group and bring a Christian perspective each day through devotions and reflection sessions. The adventure itself is led by professional camp coordinators and accommodation is in communal, backpacker style dormitories.

Service Camp – Year 10 

Our students in Year 10 participate in a local mission camp in and around the Sydney CBD. Led by College staff, they are presented with dilemmas that challenge their perspectives of a prosperous city and are exposed to the needs of those who are less fortunate living on their own doorstep. This three day experience is confronting at times; however, students undertake important debriefs to add perspective and allow them the space to process their experiences.  

Students travel from their city-based accommodation to organisations such the Oasis Centre, the Wayside Chapel, Rough Edges and the Exodus Foundation to hear about the work they do, and to Our Big Kitchen where they will cook meals for our city's homeless. Students leave this camp with a greater sense of appreciation for their own position in our community, and a greater sense of responsibility for those who are much less fortunate than themselves.