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Secondary Years

Years 7 to 12 are a time of transition for our students – from childhood to adolescence to young adults. It is a time of significant personal growth and reflection where students often challenge their own system of beliefs and ideals and set their direction for life. We recognise that students at this age have social, intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs and aspirations that are both unique to them and different from students in the Primary years.

Our students are never without abundant support from teachers, mentors, and even their peers.

The College provides a positive, stimulating, safe, and respectful environment in which Secondary students can develop, learn, and lead so that they emerge as confident, responsible, respectful, resilient, purpose-driven young people ready to be productive local and global citizens and leaders in the community.

Based on Board of Studies syllabuses, we provide a stimulating differentiated curriculum to meet the full range of needs and abilities of students in each Stage of learning:

Stage 4 (Years 7 and 8)
• Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10)
• Stage 6 (Years 11 and 12)

Expert Educators

Our well-qualified and highly professional teaching team are highly specialised in their subjects of expertise and well-practiced at eliciting the best possible academic performance from each student. They work closely with each student to understand and connect with them as people and meet their learning needs. They then provide consistent high quality feedback that helps students to review their learning and refine their academic practices.

Curriculum Structure

Based on Board of Studies syllabuses, our teachers provide a stimulating differentiated curriculum that focuses on the essentials of literacy, numeracy, the arts, humanities, sciences, and sports, encouraging higher-order thinking while recognising individual student gifts and abilities. The curriculum is tailored for the full range of needs and abilities of students in Stages 4 and 5. Further information can be found on Stage 4, Stage 5 and Stage 6 pages.

Digital Education

Already proficient at navigating the devices they are required to bring to school, young people must learn to appreciate the power in their hands and the responsibility that rests with each user. Our teachers guide students in the responsible use of technology as they employ it to enhance classroom experiences, increase participation, and improve learning.

Academic Extension Program

Classroom differentiation is at the heart of the College's academic extension programs. Classroom teachers are skilled at providing learning opportunities for students with aptitude in their individual subject areas, enabling deeper learning and experiences that incorporate higher order thinking across a range of disciplines. Years 7-10 also include academic extension classes for core subjects that assist to prepare students for specialty and extension courses in the senior years.

Student Leadership

The College’s Student Leadership Program provides a pathway for developing leaders to grow and use their gifts for the benefit of the College community. The program provides support, training and education in leadership skills, capacity and gifts, providing opportunities for students to lead and to serve in an area of their choosing and passion.

Secondary students are encouraged to put learned leadership values to work by taking on a leadership portfolio in areas such as sports, the Arts, student care, and Christian ministry.

Outdoor Education

The College’s Outdoor Education Program introduces students to a variety of engaging and challenging practical activities providing opportunities for personal growth, development and leadership through camps, a ski trip, and an inner-city Mission trip.

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