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Primary Years

The Primary Years are a formative time, and the College’s friendly, caring environment nurtures individual growth and learning as academic, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual foundations are laid in young lives. Collaboratively, our Primary staff work to maximise learning opportunities for each student in a technology-rich environment.

We understand and recognise that each and every child is unique; each with different talents, different areas of interest, and different learning styles. Academic programs are designed to provide each student with the opportunity to master foundational skills in all aspects of the curriculum, with particular focus on literacy and numeracy.

Based on Board of Studies syllabuses, we provide a stimulating differentiated curriculum to meet the full range of needs and abilities of students in each Stage of learning:

Expert Educators

Our unique Primary culture is built on our team of hand-picked, talented, and dedicated teachers who are inspiring role models and strive for excellence in themselves and their students. As a collaborative community of professional learners they labour hard to create an effective, enriching learning environment for every child. Challenging and engaging students across a two year age range, each teacher facilitates flexible, student-centered learning, suitable for students with a broad range of abilities.

Education Support staff assist teachers in developing an individual program that specifically meets the needs of each student. This program seeks to identify any additional help required in mastering the literacy and/or numeracy skills that are foundational to schooling.

Curriculum Structure

The College’s teachers use NSW Board of Studies’ syllabuses that are written for a Stage of learning encompassing a two year age range. For this reason our Stage-based classes are framed on the same two year range. The benefits of our approach are that it:

  • reduces lock-step learning and encourages student-centered learning;
  • facilitates the flexible progression of students through the curriculum and associated learning outcomes;
  • allows for flexibility in the grouping of students according to need and ability;
  • facilitates the extension of advanced and independent learners;
  • enables better targeting of assistance to students with similar learning needs; and
  • enables a broader range of interest-based options to be offered to students.

Subjects include:

Christian Study, Creative Arts, English, History, Mathematics, Personal Development and Health, Physical Education and Science.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities, many of which occur during lunch time in the Primary school. Activities such as Ministry 4 Kids (a lunch time Christian Development Club), Chess Club, Gardening Club, Drawing Club and other opportunities are provided for students to pursue their interests.

Digital Learning

Many of today's students are digital natives and thus are typically very savvy with technology. At the College we teach students to benefit from meaningful engagement with the world through technology. All Primary classes have an interactive screen in their room, Infants students have access to handheld technologies, and Primary students are part of the College’s Year 3 to 12 Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program. All classes integrate the use of technology into the curriculum enhancing student’s learning with just-in-time access to the internet and a variety of engaging, interactive programs that introduce relevant thinking tools to students.

Academic Extension Program

Students in the Primary years receive an education that is differentiated to best support their learning needs. For the academically-gifted, extension courses allow students to apply higher-order thinking to challenging real-world situations.

Student Leadership

The College’s Student Leadership Program provides a pathway for developing leaders to grow and use their gifts for the benefit of the College community. Beginning in Primary, this program provides opportunities for students to lead and serve in an area of their choosing and passion. It supports, trains and educates in leadership skills, capacity and gifts. Students learn how leadership is a necessary interpersonal and organisational skill.

Outdoor Education and Excursions

The College’s Outdoor Education Program introduces students to a variety of engaging and challenging practical activities. It provides opportunities for personal growth, character development, and leadership through various outdoor activities and camps.

Excursions occur throughout the year to support the learning in class and further develop skills and understanding in any of the Key Learning Areas. And because we believe learning happens inside and outside the classroom, our College fees includes all compulsory excursions.

Out of School Hours Care

For busy working parents, the College operates both an Out of School Hours Care program and a Vacation Care program that cater for Primary aged students on campus.

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