Music Programs

Primary Instrumental Music Program

Early Stage 1 and Stage 1  

In Music, Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 will continue to expand their knowledge and understanding of the musical concepts of Beat, Rhythm, Tempo and Structure. Students will also be introduced to Pitch, specifically targeting the notes on the Treble Clef.   

Weekly lessons continue to be practical in nature where students perform using percussion instruments tuned and untuned as well as singing. Students also spend time listening to music, responding through movement and creating their own compositions and arrangements of works.   

Students in Stage 1 will also be introduced to music technology through the composition of a class song, which will be arranged and recorded using Garagebands, as well as through individual compositions notated on Sibelius software.   

Stage 2   

In Music, Stage 2 will be undertaking a strings program designed to not only teach your child the violin, but also provide the skills necessary to actively engage in listening, performing and creating music.   

Each child is loaned a school violin and lessons are conducted weekly. Students will be taught the instrument as well as participate in singing, listening, composition and movement activities.   

Stage 3   

Students in Stage 3 will engage in a concept based music program. Lessons will be conducted weekly and consist of playing musical instruments, singing, listening, and creating. Keyboard, guitar, and percussion will be the tools used for performance lessons to explore the concepts of pitch, duration, structure, texture, dynamics, and tone colour. Students in stage 3 will also be encouraged to join the college concert band program.

Secondary Music Program

The Music program in Years 7 and 8 covers eight topics throughout the compulsory two-year course, giving students a taste of the options available for study in the Stage 5 Elective Music course. The course builds on the skills learned in the Primary Years and encourages all students to perform regularly in groups and as individuals. Students in Year 7 learn the foundations of Music using the keyboard and are taught to read from the treble and bass clefs. In Year 8, students study Rock and Film music and have the option to vary their experiences by performing on acoustic, electric, and bass guitar and drums.  

In Stage 5 students continue to develop their skills as performers, musicologists, and composers, studying a vast array of music styles and genres.  

In Stage 6, Music 1 offers students the opportunity to major in their area of strength. Students for the HSC select 3 projects made up of any combination of performance, musicology, or composition. Many students elect to perform on another chosen instrument and are encouraged to participate in the instrumental and vocal tuition program to refine their musical skills.  

Students have the option to join the College’s various performance groups and to perform either as a soloist or in these groups at school events such as Live@Norwest, Arise, Glow, Grandparents Day as well as at assemblies and other formal occasions.