Drama Programs


Through the K-6 Creative Arts syllabus, students engage in a range of drama games and playbuilding activities designed to build their confidence and collaboration skills. Working with established scripts, students experiment with characters and developing empathy as they walk and talk in another person’s shoes. Students have the opportunity to showcase their ability through casting in the college musical which integrates their capacity to sing, dance and act in a creative team-building production.


In Stage 4, students engage with Shakespeare through their English courses, with the invitation to perform in our annual Shakespeare Festival, Bard @ Norwest. Stage 5 students have the opportunity to study Drama as an elective course where they develop their skills in making, performing and appreciating drama, exploring a range of imagined and created situation in a collaborative workshop environment.

In Stage 6, the study of Drama provides students with a breadth of individual project options where they can explore their gifting in performance, script- writing, design, analysis or film making. With compulsory group work embedded in the HSC examinations, students become very connected to their peers as they work to create an original piece or theatre for a live audience, as well as study contemporary playwrights and the social and political issues brought to life on stage.

Students have the option to perform either as a soloist or in groups at college events including our amateur inclusive showcase Live@Norwest or our more bespoke class showcases Arise (Stage 5) and Soiree (Stage 6), as well as college musicals where the ability to immerse in a character is critical to casting decisions.


Our Seed Academy Drama program is mentored by our college Alumni, Lusiana Frost, who was nominated to perform at OnStage – the HSC showcase of exemplary works. As an experienced performer, Lusi works with students to develop skills in improvisation and character development, using self-devised and established scripts to develop vocal and movement dynamics and grow students’ confidence as performers. All Seed Academy students have the opportunity to perform in our annual showcase, Thrive!