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Ngarra Christian College opened Term 1, 2023 and is a specialised learning environment for Kindergarten to Year 12, located on the Norwest Christian College campus, in the north-west sector of Sydney. Ngarra is a Darug word which translates to ‘together with you,’ which we believe beautifully captures our vision for this school to walk the journey with parents who need a unique learning environment for their child.

Ngarra Christian College embodies the same mission as Norwest Christian College of Building Purposeful Lives; loving God, pursuing purpose, and building capacity. The Ngarra community will be focused upon facilitating great learning, the service of others, and ensuring that each young person experiences loving and caring relationships in a supportive pastoral environment.

With 2023 being the foundation year for Ngarra, we commenced with 2 classes (Kindy - Year 2 and  Year 3 - 5) for students with mild to moderate autistic learning needs, and/or mild to moderate intellectual learning needs. Classes will typically consist of around 8 students providing smaller classes, higher teacher to student ratios and specialist teachers, enabling the College to meaningfully effectuate our vision in the lives of these students.

Two Schools, One Learning Community

Ngarra Christian College and Norwest Christian College exist as separate educational institutions, intentionally sharing facilities, resources, and learning experiences that will form the basis of rich learning opportunities for all students. We are two schools living together as one learning community.

What does Learning look like at Ngarra?

At Ngarra Christian College we offer educational choices for families whose children have additional learning needs. We have created a learning environment that delivers on our mission to build purposeful lives whilst specifically catering for the unique needs experienced by some students.

Ngarra provides a learning environment and programs designed for flexible approaches that support learner engagement and give access to spaces and practices that consider students' sensory processing needs.

Each student at Ngarra will have an individual education plan and individualised access to the curriculum at a pace that best nurtures the progress of each learner. These plans will be developed in partnership with parents or caregivers and will include both long and short term goals and strategies that will assist in achieving them.

In the secondary years, students will access the Life Skills curriculum with an emphasis on Work Education, skills and supported opportunities for personalised work experience.

School Fees

Ngarra Christian College seeks to provide quality Christian education at an affordable price. The 2023 Fee Schedule includes generous sibling discounts to ensure it remains affordable for a majority of families. This sibling discount is available to families who also have children enrolled at Norwest Christian College.


Ngarra Christian College is located on the Norwest Christian College campus, 33 Regent Street, Riverstone NSW, with ready access to College facilities and entry via the McCulloch Street carpark.

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