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Upcoming Events

APRIL 29/04 - First Day of Term 2 29/04 - ANZAC Day Services 30/04 - Sec CIS Swimming Carnival MAY 01/05 - Seussical Jnr Musical 02/05 - Seussical Jnr Musical 03/05 - Seussical Jnr Musical 05/05 - Primary Assembly 05/05 - Pri CSSA Football Gala Day 06/05 - Parent Participation Workshop 07/05 - Mothers Day stall

Discover Our College

There are few decisions in life that will impact your child's future more than your choice of school. As you are looking to take your first step in the decision-making process,  or the next step in your journey, I encourage you to consider joining the many families who have found a home at Norwest Christian College...

College Life + Culture

Our College community nurtures people of faith, character, and purpose. With abundant sport opportunities, creative outlets, and social activities both in and out of the classroom, Norwest students grown into well-rounded, resourceful, and respectful individuals.

Our College

Norwest Christian College is more than just a school. It’s a place where children grow into young people of faith, independence, confidence, and motivation. With a purpose-driven education, strength is embedded...

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