Staff Contact Details

Senior Executive

Felicity Marlow - Principal

Colin Wood - Deputy Principal

Mark Elkington - Business Manager


Peter Christie - Director of Co-Curricular

Dee Fulcher - Head of Primary Years

Daryl Hinton - Head of Secondary Years

Linda Hogan - Director, Teaching and Learning (K-12)

Suzi Scott - Director of Early Learning Centre and OSHC

Nicole Smith - Director of Professional Learning and Accreditation

Academic Leadership

Brian Barter - Head of Design & Tech / STEM Coordinator

Rod Braine - Head of PDHPE

Emily Cooper - Head of HSIE

Tammy Enviah - Assistant Head of Maths

Bethany Jangara - Head of CAPA

Darren Hua - Head of Mathematics

Estelle McNaught - Director of Studies

Timothy Pigot - Head of Science

Ann Stevens - Director of Music (K-12)

Anne Vlismas - Assistant Head of English

Mark Wang - Director of Sport

Tricia Weeks - Head of English

Early Learning Centre Academic Staff

Preetima Behl - Early Childhood Educator

Nardeen Boulous - Early Childhood Educator

Ella Choi - Early Childhood Educator

Marie Choi - Early Childhood Teacher

Teresa Espanola - Early Childhood Educator

Susan Fredericks - Early Childhood Teacher

Petrus Gao - Early Childhood Educator

Katie Hui - Early Childhood Teacher

Amy Jackson - Early Childhood Educator

Joanne Lee - Early Childhood Educator

Gyopi Leung - Early Childhood Educator

Kaylen Marlow - Early Childhood Trainee Educator

Ani Ng - Early Childhood Educator

Janice Oh - Early Childhood Educator

Rohini Selvadurai - Early Childhood Educator

Shemaiah Sundararaj - Early Childhood Educator

Primary Academic Staff

Rebecca Bates - Year 2 Advisor / Primary Teacher

Jana Bezuidenhout - Primary Teacher

Charmaine Collins - Primary Teacher

Claire Donaldson - Primary Curriculum Coordinator / Teacher

Georgia Eschler - Primary Teacher

Susannah Ferreira - Primary Teacher

Joshua Gilmore - Primary Teacher

Nicole Goudie - Primary Teacher

Christopher Hall - Primary Sports Coordinator / Teacher

Matthew Hillier - Year 6 Advisor / Primary Teacher

Katelyn Jeffery - Primary Teacher

Louise Keun - Primary Teacher

Hannah Knight - Year 1 Advisor / Primary Teacher

Tania Kraus - Primary Teacher

Jessica Lee - Primary Teacher

Cami Leva - Primary Teacher

Katrina Mason - Primary Teacher

Evan Moore - Year 5 Advisor / Primary Teacher

Christine O'Brien - Year 3 Advisor / Primary Teacher

Jessica Payne - Year 4 Advisor / Primary Teacher

Meg Pendlebury - Kindergarten Advisor / Primary Teacher

Elise Plaistowe - Primary Teacher

Abigail Preyra - Primary Teacher

Alexandra Quinn - Primary Music Teacher

Catherine Redwood - Counsellor

Ben Saleh - Primary Teacher

Elizabeth Thomas - Primary Teacher

Sonia Thomson - Primary Teacher

Megan Veerhuis - Primary Teacher

Kaylene Whittal - Primary Teacher

Secondary Academic Staff

Brendan Archbold - Extension Pathways / Secondary Teacher

Tina Ashouri-Harris - Secondary Teacher

Terri Atkinson - Year 9 Advisor / Secondary Teacher

Joshua Baissari - Year 11 Advisor / e-Learning Secondary Lead Teacher

Jennifer Barter - Secondary Teaching

Luke Barnett - Secondary Teacher

Andrew Beitsch - Director of Sydney Christian Schools Teaching Hub

Krysten Bisby - Counsellor / Secondary Teacher

Carolyn Butler - Secondary Teacher

Samantha Chan - Secondary Teacher

Kyall Duncan - Secondary Teacher

Julian Elton - Chaplain / Year 8 Advisor

Jane Gilsenan - Secondary Teacher

Mina-Abanoub Girgis - Secondary Teacher

Jeena Han - Secondary Teacher

Patrick Harrison - Secondary Teacher

Ben Hillier - Secondary Teacher

Jay Holdsworth - Chaplain

Darren Hua - Head of Mathematics / Secondary Teacher

Vivian Huang - Secondary Teacher

Terie Keough - Year 7 Advisor / Secondary Teacher

Chi Binh Le - Secondary Teacher

Shakti Maforimbo - Year 12 Advisor / Secondary Teacher

Luke Peterson - Secondary Teacher

Tam Rhode - Secondary Teacher

Ann Stevens - Director of Music (K-12)

Kevin Stevens - Secondary Teacher

Bill Su - Secondary Teacher

David Sung - Secondary Teacher

Tiffany Thornthwaite - Secondary Teacher

Dylan Van Bentum - Secondary Teacher

Brigid Vincent - Secondary Teacher

Anne Vlismas - Assistant Head of English / Secondary Teacher

Aaron Wilkinson - Year 10 Advisor / Secondary Teacher

Janine Wilkinson - Counsellor

Alvin Wong - Secondary Teacher

Ngarra Staff

Natalie Aroyan - Ngarra Educator

Sonali Arsecularatne - Ngarra Educator

Lorien Atwood - Ngarra Teacher

Diana Blythe - Ngarra Teacher

Nicole Colbourn - Ngarra Educator

Sash Hinton - Ngarra Administrator

Jay Holdsworth - Ngarra Educator

Linda Neal - Ngarra Teacher

Carolina Paba Bossio - Ngarra Educator

Cynthia Tay - Ngarra Educator

Anita Terry - Ngarra Teacher

Gailene van Niekerk - Ngarra Educator

Anita Whale - Ngarra Teacher

Vivienne Williams - Ngarra Educator

Michelle Wilson - Head of Inclusive Learning

Learning Enrichment Staff

Natalie Aroyan - Learning Enrichment Educator

Chloe Garcia - Learning Enrichment Educator

Sash Hinton - Learning Enrichment Administrator

Monique Hubbard - Learning Enrichment Educator

Kathryn Jackson - Learning Enrichment Educator

Wendy Lum - Learning Enrichment Educator

Melanie McCarthy - Assistant Learning Enrichment Coordinator

Cathie Thomas - Learning Extension Teacher

Anita Whale - Learning Enrichment Teacher

Janine Wilkinson - Learning Enrichment Educator

Vivienne Williams - Learning Enrichment Educator

Michelle Wilson - Head of Inclusive Learning

Learning Resource Centre

Sarah Frost - Library Technician

Chantelle Monjo - Library Assistant

Christine Sinden - Teacher Librarian

Out of School Hours Care Staff

Lyn Harris - OSHC Educator

Support Staff

Johanna Barker - Careers Counsellor and VET Coordinator

Bree Bond - Principal’s Executive Assistant / Our Norwest Foundation Director

Tiffany Breeze - Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Melanie Broady - Marketing & Communications Assistant

Michelle de Rooy - Student Enrolment Manager

Franco Diaz - Database Administrator

Nivia Eschler - Secondary Administrator

Nathan Fredericks - Operations and Facilities Manager

Sian Garratt - College Nurse

Chanelle Gluskie - Seed Academy Administrator

Miguel Grifa - ICT Support Officer

Sarah Hope - Deputy Principal's Personal Assistant

Dave Judd - ICT Support Officer

Julie Judd - Canteen Assistant

Carel Khairo - Enrolments Assistant

Michelle Klomp - Marketing, Communications & Brand Manager

Vanessa Kwan - Uniform Shop

Marie Lado - Finance Manager

Craig Laffin - Director of Development

Gayle Llamas - Canteen Supervisor

Mervyn Moodley - ICT Manager

Claire Ravesteyn - Primary Administrator

Daniel Ravesteyn - Enrolments Administrator

Damian Saleeby - Learning Resource Technician

Celeste Stevens - Secondary Administrator

Anita Vanderwal - Food Technology Technician

Sarah Wood - Administration Assistant

Joanne Wood - ELC/OSHC Admin and Accounts Team