Owen Egbenoma - Alumni

Owen Egbenoma was a student at Norwest from 2005-2010. There were a number of teachers that had a significant impact on Owen during his time at Norwest; Deborah McWatters, Stuart McCormack, Lyn Stormont, Elizabeth Cox and David Butler. He says they were helpful “specifically from the standpoint of expanding my world view and instilling a level of self-critique in my approach to learning critical thinking.” Owen remembers the way the College community would come together to support those within our community and beyond through fundraisers, overseas mission trips and Christian fellowship.

Since graduating from Norwest, Owen has gone on to study law and commerce at University, obtaining bachelors degrees in both. He is currently working for the NRMA as a CTP Personal Injury Consultant. “I enjoy the strategy and negotiation part of my role, as it pertains to managing exposure, liability and quantum matters. The most difficult part of my job would have to be instances where I deny treatment, and communicating such decisions to various stakeholders.”

Owen is looking forward to the future where he hopes to resume practicing law in an area he is passionate about. He has some encouragement for current students at Norwest, “enjoy the continuous learning that comes with these developmental years and understand that upon leaving school the world is your oyster. Always remember that everyone’s journey is different and the only timeline you should be concerned about is your own.”