Mitchell Brown - Alumni

Mitchell Brown was a student at Norwest from 2005-2014. During his time here at the College, Mitchell loved the Live@Norwest event that happens at the end of every term in the Secondary Years and said it “was a really special time being in community together celebrating the success and skill of our peers.” He believes Norwest was the perfect environment for him to grow and discover his God-given purpose.

After graduating, Mitchell went on to do the Year 13 Gap Program with Youthworks College before starting an apprenticeship that he unable to continue after a year due to injury. He began studying a Bachelor of Theology at SMBC and took up the role as Youth Pastor at Kellyville Anglican Church for 4 years during this time he married his wife, Kate. In 2021 he moved to work part time at William Clarke College as the Chaplain, while also running a small online business. Looking ahead, Mitchell hopes to aid or start Christian ministries in various forms that are interwoven with business models to create financially self-sufficient Christian ministries.

Mitchell offers some great advice to our current students. “You need to ‘pick your hard’. Don't go through school trying to avoid hard things because life out of school is a challenge whatever you choose to do. As Thomas Edison says, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." I have spent many years trying to undo bad 'work avoidance' practices I began in high school! I wish I had learnt earlier to overcome a challenge rather than seek to avoid it or reach the bare minimum.”