James Parnwell

Having his father as one of the key founders of Riverstone Christian Community School all those years ago it was only natural that James would be one of our original students. His strong connection with the College continues as all four of his children have attended or are currently attending Norwest. His two eldest, Georgia and Harry are Alumni and continue to contribute to college life with their God given gifts. James’ father was also the pastor of Riverstone Baptist Church during his school years and would say he was one of the biggest influences during this time.

James attributes the ‘Heart’ of Norwest to the our ability to put God at the centre of all that we do along with the pastoral mindset of our teachers. He believes that all his children have been positively impacted by their time at the College.

James has completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and owns and operates a Digital Marketing Agency. What he loves most is working with people, helping them grow their businesses and working with his team. He shares that “managing all the many pieces of a business and making them work together is the biggest challenge.”

His advice to current students, “work hard on the opportunities in your hands, be passionate about making a difference with your heart and dream big with your mind.” Wise words from a wise man who plans to continue to grow a strong Christlike family and keep building a successful business.