Gabby Sylvester - Alumni

Gabrielle Sylvester attended Norwest from 2009 to 2016. She found that teachers investment into her life has played a big part in who she has become today. “Without the teachers investment and passion I wouldn’t have wanted to be a teacher.” Gabrielle found that the person that impacted her life most significantly at Norwest was Mrs Cox, “Before attending Mrs Cox’s English class I hated reading books and writing any assignment or story. She kept persisting and investing in who I was and my interests. She had such a passion for books and writing I couldn’t help but develop a love for reading and writing.”

Since graduating from the College, Gabrielle has completed a Bachelor of Arts with majors in creative writing and journalism (2017 – 2020) and started studying a Masters of Teaching Secondary English. She has also written and published a children’s book, My Secret Superhero Parents (2021). Gabrielle married her husband in 2018 and is currently a full time student, author and stay at home mum to her son. She is looking forward to completing her Masters and hopes to have more books published in the future.

Gabrielle’s advice for current students is to “always ask for help if you need it. Lean on your support people when you are struggling they will always be there for you.”