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ELC Communication Notes

ELC Communication Notes
Term 1, Week 3

Wednesday Library (commencing 19 Feb)
School Banking (commencing 19 Feb)

General Reminders

ELC Meet & Greet - Come along for a delicious afternoon tea at the Early Learning Centre to meet with the educators, spend some 'play time' with your child and learn more about the program and learning opportunities available for your child.
Please RSVP here for this event so that we can cater effectively. We would love to see you there!

Spare clothes - Please remember to pack labelled spare clothes for your child in case of any toileting accidents or if your child requires a change of shirt. The spare clothes do not need to be a uniform, these can be plain clothes, appropriate for the ELC. If your child has used some of the ELC spare clothes please return these back to the ELC as soon as possible ready to be used by another child.

Nut Aware centre - To ensure a safe environment for all children we require all families to not pack any food with nuts. This includes peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches, snacking nuts or any other snack with nuts as the main ingredient. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

News time - Our news time for each of the rooms starts next week with each child being assigned a day for this term to bring something in for news. The focus for this term is 'All about me' with each room being asked to bring in something specific for their room. Please check the Storypark post for what your room is doing or speak with one of the educators.

We Are Learning

Caterpillar/Preschool Room
The children in the Preschool room have spent the last couple of weeks getting to know each other, remembering each other's name and becoming familiar with the routine and program. Some of the teaching goals over the first few weeks has been on building their awareness of emotions and being able to label them, identifying and working with colours and investigating weather. It has been wonderful to see how fast the children in this room have settled in to their new room and starting to build friendships.

Burudyara/Prep Room
The children in the Burudyara room have started a project on bugs and all things creepy crawly. The children have enjoyed looking at images of different bugs, learning their names, looking at their different body shapes and sizes. They are also investigating insects and looking in our outdoor environment for any such creatures.

Papillon/Prep Room
The children in the Papillon room have commenced a project on gardening and they can often be found outside working in the garden beds. The children have created a beautiful mural in their room showing the roots of plants including seeds and are learning what these seeds need to grow. They have been very active gardeners, removing weeds and making sure that new seedlings are given a chance to grow. This project will be continuing as they start to build a scarecrow for the garden.

Mariposa/Prep Room
The children in the Mariposa room have started to look at the human body and what makes up our body including bones, muscles and organs. One of our families will be coming in to share some information with the children about the torso and the function of the organs. This will include a mannequin of a torso to give children a visual representation of what they are learning. The children have already started to identify the heart and lungs and their function in our body. I'm sure this will make for some interesting dinner conversations!

Upcoming Events
View all upcoming activities on the College Home Page. Click here to read more.

Kind regards,
Mrs Suzi Scott

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