ELC Communication Notes

Term 4, Week 1

Important dates

Wednesday - Library Day

ELC graduation - Friday 3rd December

ELC party day - Thursday 9th December

Last day for ELC - Friday 17th December

Returning to ELC
The NSW Department of Education has released information for the return of children to Early Education and Care centres on the same date as Kindergarten students - Monday 18th October.  We will be sending out the last resource booklet on Monday 11th October for children at home.  Below is some information for families to be aware of on their return to ELC - 
All of the educators will be wearing masks when interacting with children in both the indoor and outdoor environment. This can be confronting for some children therefore we ask that this is shared with children before their return to the ELC.
Families will not be able to come into the rooms to drop off or pick up children. There is a QR code at the door for you to check in on your arrival at the ELC. Educators will collect children from the front foyer of the ELC. 
All of our educators, including our casual educators, will have received both vaccinations by 8th November in line with the Public Health Order.
We continue to ask that if children are unwell that they do not attend the ELC until they are symptom-free.
Doors and windows will be opened in the rooms to provide for adequate ventilation in the ELC.

Kindergarten 2022 assessments
Children in our Prep rooms who will be continuing at Norwest Christian College in 2022 for Kindergarten will participate in an assessment with their ELC teacher.  This assessment will cover aspects of learning from letter and number recognition to writing their name and other skills. This assessment, along with the Semester 2 report will help provide information to your child's Kindergarten teacher for 2022.  These assessments will take place at the ELC on a day of your child's attendance.  If you have any questions about this assessment please speak with your child's teacher.

Semester 2 reports
The educators at the ELC will be assessing children's learning against the Early Years Learning Framework outcomes during Term 4.  As the attendance of children over Term 3 was quite low, these reports will look a little different depending on your child's attendance.  We understand that children will be returning to the ELC in the coming weeks and that this period will require a re-orientation to the program and routine.  With this in mind we have made some adjustments to the reporting outcomes in order to capture an adequate and realistic assessment of children's learning.

Term 3, Week 9

Learning from Home
We received some very positive feedback from families in the ELC wellbeing survey which indicated that the resource booklets and videos available on Storypark have been a great support for children that are at home at the moment.  Please be assured that these resource booklets will continue for the length of the lockdown and educators will continue to post videos on Storypark.  Please also be aware of the live stream for Devotions every Wednesday morning at 10:30am which is also available to view at a later time using the YouTube link.  We are also appreciating the news time videos that are being sent from home as this helps us to stay connected.

Feedback from Wellbeing survey
Thank you to the many families who completed the ELC Wellbeing survey and provided suggestions for further support.  Some families had requested for a Zoom meeting with some of the children at home.  We discussed this at a recent staff meeting and considered the pros and cons of such an opportunity.  There were many issues to consider including safety for children, privacy for families, access to devices and the timing of a meeting.  With these risks identified, we decided as a staff team that we won't be providing a Zoom meeting for children.  With restrictions starting to ease in the coming weeks, we hope that children will be able to return to ELC along with the return of school children in October and November.

Kindergarten 2022 assessments
As indicated at the beginning of term three, the educators in the ELC would be conducting Kindy assessments for children attending Kindergarten at NWCC in 2022.  Due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions, these assessments have not been able to go ahead at the originally scheduled time.  These assessments will be scheduled for children on their return in ELC throughout Term 4.  The teachers in Primary are aware of the delay in receiving this information as this provides a snapshot in time of children's knowledge and understanding.

Returning to ELC
As restrictions start to ease in the coming weeks, it is important to communicate with the ELC about considering returning to the ELC.  We are currently operating on minimal staffing to restrict movement in the community and in order to meet the ratios required for the number of children attending.  If you are considering returning to the ELC during Term 4 it is very important that this is communicated so that we can provide adequate staffing and supervision for the number of children attending.  A Google form will be sent out at the beginning of Term 4 for you to indicate your intended return date in line with the College students dates.  The operations of the ELC are slightly different in order to comply with restrictions and these changes will be communicated in the Google form.

Term 3, Week 3

Important dates
Library Day - Wednesday

Sponsorship child
We announced earlier this week that the ELC has recently sponsored a child living in Kenya.  This initiative came about after the project learning in the Mao Chong room as they explored countries and cultures.  In looking to promote the children's understanding and implementation of 'service' the educators looked at starting a child sponsorship program.  We have introduced Morris to the children and are so excited to welcome him to our ELC family.  We will be writing letters and drawing some pictures to send to Morris and will be sharing the letters and news from Morris.  Please keep Morris in your prayers and we look forward to sharing updates with you.

Access to Edumate
Some families have been asking how to access Edumate which will also allow access to the College App.  If you are unsure of your Edumate login details please contact College reception on 8889 4600.  All communication from the College can be found on the App including how to book an SPM and access to your child's semester one report.

Resource booklets
We have received lots of positive feedback on the workbooks that have been sent home to families. We are so pleased that the children are enjoying these and hopefully feeling connected to ELC while they stay home. These resource booklets will continue to be sent out every fortnight during the lockdown with further resources to support your child's learning while at home. The aim for these workbooks is to provide your child with some learning opportunities at home in line with the program of learning at the ELC. Please also check Storypark for the daily video of either a story time or Devotions from one of the educators.  

Term 3, Week 1

Important dates
Wednesday - Library day

General reminders
The ELC will be holding our next round of SPM's (Student Progress Meetings) on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th August.  Given the current restrictions, these SPM's will most likely be conducted as a phone meeting which will be held at the same time as the booking made.  Bookings can be made on the College app by clicking on the SPM button.  These meetings are a valuable opportunity to meet with your child's teacher to discuss the recent report from Semester One as well as discuss ongoing goals for your child's learning.

News time for Term 3
Each of the rooms has sent out their news time roster for this term bearing in mind the attendance of children at this time.  Each room will be investigating different animals which also ties in to the project based learning happening in the room.  Please check Storypark for the news roster for your room.

Learning in the Rooms
Preschool - Kamala room 
The children in the Kamala room will be investigating different occupations over Term 3 and this has started by looking at all things construction including design, planning and building.  Their room has been arranged to allow children to design, plan and build different structures as they explore the construction industry.  The educators in the room have also given the children new locker labels including an image of what job they would like when they're older.  For Devotions time, the children are learning about men and women from the Old Testament and the jobs that they had as well as how God used them.

Preschool - Mao Chong room 
The children in the Mao Chong room are continuing their project from Term 2 in their exploration of different countries around the world.  This project timing works well during the Olympics as children are seeing athletes, flags and anthems from around the world.  The children are currently learning all about Italy, their culture, language and delicious food.  This is going to be a great project for the children to explore and I look forward to sharing the other countries the children will be learning about.  For Devotions time, the children are learning about the many miracles that Jesus performed and how this helped so many people and revealed the power of God.

Prep - Mariposa room
The children in the Mariposa room have started their Term 3 project in which they are learning all about sea creatures.  The educators have created a mini-ocean in their room for the children to create a world for the sea creatures.  The educators have created spaces in their room for children to explore different sea creatures and incorporate this into their learning.  For Devotions time, the children are continuing to learn more about the fruits of the Spirit and how we can grow more of this in our lives.

Prep - Burudyara room
The children in the Burudyara room are beginning a project on endangered animals which has been a follow on from their project in term 2 which looked at wild animals.  This is also their theme for news time allowing children to really explore and understand the animals that are on the endangered list and how we can protect them.  The educators are setting up spaces in their room for children to engage in this learning across all aspects of the program.  For Devotions time, the children will be starting to learn about the fruits of the Spirit and how we can display and grow these fruits more in our lives.

Prep - Papillon room
The children in the Papillon room are continuing their project from Term 2 in their exploration of healthy food and how food keeps our body strong and healthy.  The children are learning about how their body works as well as how eating healthy food keeps their body strong.  This investigation is carried through in their Devotions time as they look at how food is talked about in the Bible for example the loaves and fishes, the Last Supper and how the Word of God is like food for us.  We are hoping to have a visit from Healthy Harold at the end of Term if restrictions will allow this.

BPL dispositions
The children in the Preschool rooms are learning about the disposition of Focusing for Term 3.  Children are learning that focusing means 'pay attention, don't get distracted'.  The children in the Prep rooms are also learning about focusing as well as questioning.  Our news time will provide children with opportunities to practice their questioning skills.

Term 2, Week 7

Important dates
Wednesday - Library Day

General reminders
A reminder to all families that we have children in attendance at the ELC who have severe allergies to nuts and eggs. For this reason we ask every family to not pack nuts or eggs in their child's lunch box. Baked goods with egg as an ingredient is permissible however food with egg as the main ingredient is seen as high risk for these children. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Incursion for Preschool Rooms
On Monday, 21 June the children in the Preschool room will be attending an incursion to extend on their learning around the solar system. This incursion will be with iSkies and held in the auditorium at College. The incursion will involve the children experiencing the night sky from within a cosmodome and learning more about the stars and planets in the solar system. This has been an amazing exploration and learning for the children this term and the opportunity to participate in the incursion will deepen their knowledge and provide an additional experience to further their understanding. For any children who do not attend on Mondays and would like to participate, we are not accepting additional bookings for the day but you are welcome to join your child in the auditorium for the incursion.

Learning at the ELC
Preschool - Mao Chong Room
The children in the Mao Chong room have been continuing their learning about different countries. The children and educators have been discussing the countries which children and their families are from and exploring the different food, clothing and culture of these countries. For their Devotions time, the children have been going through the books of the Old Testament and seeing how God has been helping and being with people for a long time. The news topic for this term has been a great success for the children in creating amazing things from recycled items.

Preschool - Kamala Room
The children in the Kamala room are continuing their discovery of all things in the solar system. They have been learning about the different planets and have also been learning about stars, rockets and astronauts. It has been wonderful to see the children incorporating this project in all aspects of their learning. In their Devotions time, the children have been reading stories from the Bible in which people choose to be kind or need to say sorry. This is being used as a social story to reinforce the importance of being kind and gentle with each other.

Prep - Mariposa Room
The children in the Mariposa room have been exploring more about dinosaurs over the last few weeks. The experiment with the volcano was a great success and saw many children quite excited by the reaction and including volcanoes and lava in their play ideas. The children have also been exploring the different ways that we can be kind and respectful to each other which is being reinforced during playground encounters. The children in the Mariposa room are beginning to learn about the Fruits of the Spirit and discussing how God wants us to be fruitful in all these ways.

Prep - Burudyara Room
The children in the Burudyara room are continuing their learning about jungle animals. They have created a jungle atmosphere in the room complete with vines and volcanoes, the kind of habitat that jungle animals would want to live in. It has been wonderful to see the room change more and more and see the children's learning deepen over the past few weeks as they discover more about these types of animals. For their Devotions time, the children have been learning the Gospel and discussing why we need God. This has led to some fabulous discussions as a group and an opportunity to ask big questions.

Prep - Papillon Room
The children in the Papillon room have been learning about healthy food and how it is important to keep our bodies healthy.  They have done some cooking experiences together and are starting to make their own fruit orchard using sticks and branches from the surrounding environment.  The use of natural items will continue as they make their own fruits and vegetables to hang in the orchard.  In their Devotions time, the children and educators have been discussing what heaven is and what they think it may look like.  As the BPL disposition for this term is Persevering, the children have been encouraged to persevere in their prayers and to ask God their big questions.

National Reconciliation Week
As an ELC we celebrated National Reconciliation Week with lots of learning experiences focusing on indigenous culture.  We listened to the story Sorry Day and explored Indigenous symbols in our creative experiences.  We also learned how to say 'hello' in the Dharug language - Worimi.  We added a new word shortly after to now say 'hello friend' - Worimi Mittigar.  We are striving to embed indigenous culture in our practices and by celebrating National Reconciliation Week we have been able to share more about this culture and who the Dharug people are.

Term 2, Week 3

Weekly Routine
Wednesday - Library day

General reminders
Lunchbox Items - A reminder to all families that we have children with severe allergies to nuts and eggs and for this reason we ask that families not pack these items in their child's lunch box.  This includes nut bars, Nutella, peanut butter, whole egg, egg sandwiches, omelettes.  Baked goods with egg as an ingredient is fine to bring for your child.  If you are unsure about any item please speak with your child's educator.
Winter uniform - It has been wonderful to see all the children in their new winter uniform and complying with the uniform requirements for the ELC.  A reminder that if children are wearing a long sleeve shirt under their polo that it must be white.  The sport shirt is only to be worn at sporting events, not as an alternative uniform shirt.  

Focus on Learning
Over the past few months the educators have been making adjustments to the way we document children's learning and how this is shared with families.  As part of this process, educators have been observing children during play and interactions and determining their key area of learning.  This has formed the start of what we call a Learning Thread.  The Thread will continue until children develop a new area of learning or development of skills and this is investigated and explored to its extent.  As partnerships are important to us, educators will be asking for your feedback and thoughts on the direction of your child's learning, strategies that work at home and your insight as parents for your child's learning.  Our hope is that you find this new form of documentation to provide a holistic view of your child's learning and an opportunity to contribute to their learning at the ELC.

Mariposa Room - The children in the Mariposa room have recently started a new project on dinosaurs.  They have been learning the difference between a carnivore, herbivore and omnivore.  I'm sure you are being asked lots of questions about dinosaurs at home and it will be interesting to see where this project develops.  In their devotions times, the children have been discussing how God is ever-present in our lives and why we pray.  They have been looking at different stories from the Bible from when God has heard the prayers of people.  The BPL focus at the moment is Imagining and this has been evident during their DIGGER time and as they dramatise stories in class.

Burudyara Room - The children in the Burudyara room have been learning about the jungle as their new project for this term.  Using the BPL disposition of Imagining, the children have been using the furniture and resources in their room to set up a jungle.  It has been amazing to hear their ideas and imagination develop as they use different items in the room for their play.  One of the children in the class recently asked, 'Why do we need God' and this has become the focus of the devotions time.  The children are learning that God is our creator and how He saved us from sin.  The children are also continuing their learning about how to use kind hearts.  This is done when we use gentle hands, help our friends, speak kind words, think good thoughts and make good choices.

Papillon Room - The children in the Papillon room have started a new project about how to have a healthy body and the importance of strong bodies.  The children have started by determining the difference between healthy food and sometimes food.  They have also started to learn about how muscles grow and what their body needs to be strong.  In devotions time the children have been continuing the Easter story and learning about why Jesus dies on the cross.  There has also been a strong interest in writing their names and this is being practiced on a regular basis as a tracing exercise and whenever they create something that needs their name on it.

Kamala Room - The children in the Kamala room have started a new project focusing in all things space.  A wonderful area has been set up in their room for children to engage in imaginative play as they travel through space and investigate all the planets.  The children have also been introduced to a new BPL disposition - perseverance.  The children are learning what this means and how they can keep trying when they find an activity tricky.  We have already seen some great success as children persevere.  In their devotions time, the children have been discussing the wonder of God and who He is to us.

Mao Chong Room - The children in the Mao Chong room have been learning about all things transportation covering all aspects and specific types of transport.  It has been wonderful to hear how much the children already know about the different transport types and the questions they have.  The children have also been learning about the BPL disposition of persevering which we are reinforcing in all aspects of their play.  In devotions time the children have been hearing stories from the Old Testament and how God is in control then and now.

Term 2, Week 1

Weekly Routine
Wednesday - Library Day

General reminders
Winter uniform: As a student at the ELC it is important that children are wearing the correct uniform every day of attendance. With the weather becoming cooler some children are arriving with leggings under their shorts or plain jumpers over their school shirts. Leggings are not to be worn under shorts - long pants are available from the uniform shop. Jumpers are also available from the uniform shop as an alternative while jackets are in limited supply. Long sleeve white tops can be worn under the polo shirt, only white though. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform to ELC.

A reminder as well that children are not to be wearing watches or jewellery to ELC as this is a distraction to their learning. Please also keep any toys from home at home as these can often go missing, break or begin conflict between children.

Winter routine: Our winter routine has commenced with a change to the start of our day. Children will be gathered together in the front room until approximately 8am. From here we split the group into Prep and Preschool and by 9am we are all in our own rooms. Our outdoor play time is now in the middle of the day when it is warmer however we are still aware of the UV level and wearing hats at this time. Our afternoon tea is now at 3:30pm so if your child is still at the ELC at this time please remember to pack some afternoon tea.

News time: Each of the rooms has sent out details of the news theme for this term. Please refer to the Storypark post regarding the allocated date for your child. The theme for our news this term is 'From Trash to Treasure' with the focus being on recycled items and engaging in sustainable practices. Please encourage your child to come up with their own idea and recycled resources that can be used to create a new treasure. We are looking forward to seeing what the children create.

Farewell Miss Emily: We will be holding a morning tea for families to say farewell to Miss Emily before she embarks on her next adventure. This will be held at the ELC on Thursday, 29 April at 9am. I'm sure Miss Emily would love to see you there.

Term 1, Week 7

Weekly Routine
Wednesday - Library Day

General reminders
Lunch Box items: Packing the school lunch box can often be a tricky decision about what to pack and what not to pack. As a reminder to all families we are a nut and egg free centre as we have children in attendance who are anaphylactic to nuts and eggs. Baked goods with egg as an ingredient is fine however egg sandwiches or quiches are not suitable to bring for your child. Also a reminder to limit the amount of treats packed in your child's lunch box as this is a distraction from eating their healthy choices first.

Uniform: It is wonderful to see the majority of children attending in their full uniform and I am aware that there are families still waiting on some items. With the mornings becoming colder it is worth reminding all families to purchase the long track pants from the uniform shop as wearing leggings under shorts is not acceptable. Children are permitted to wear a long sleeve white top under their polo shirt. Please label your child's socks so that we can easily reconcile socks to children at the end of the day.

Hair accessories, jewellery and watches: We have noticed over the past few weeks that a growing number of children are wearing watches, jewellery and hair accessories that do not conform to the uniform requirements. Please do not send your child to the ELC with a watch or Fitbit as these are a big distraction to their learning during the day. Please do not send your child with necklaces or bracelets or hair accessories that do not meet the requirements for uniform. If you have any questions about this please don't hesitate to speak with me.

Meet and Greet: We are looking forward to hosting the Meet and Greet on Monday 22nd March from 9-10am. This will be a great opportunity for families to meet with each other, to spend some time in their child's room to see their learning and to meet with the educators. As you are aware, there is limited parking available onsite so please use surrounding streets safely to park if the ELC car park is full on arrival.

SPM's: Our Student Progress Meetings are on Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st March. Bookings are available for this on the website and app. These formal meetings are an opportunity to meet with your child's educator to discuss how they have settled in so far and your goals for the year ahead.

Healthy Adventures Book Pack: We have been sending the Healthy Adventures Book Pack home for a couple of weeks with families and have had a great response. It's not too late to sign up for this opportunity as we will have these packs with us all year.

Chickens!! Many of our families will have seen the chicken run being built in our yard this past week which is very exciting. We will be working with Mr Brian Barter in Secondary to establish a suitable place for the chickens, how we can best maintain them and how to care for them. The team of educators will be putting together a Risk Assessment and Management Plan to cover all aspects of their care and to make sure that children are kept safe when caring for the chickens. We will also be addressing the fact that we have children with allergies to egg and asthma which may be triggered by animals. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Afternoon tea: Thank you to the families that provided feedback to our change to routine in moving afternoon tea earlier in the day - to 3:30pm. Some families raised the issue of children attending dance class during this time and for those children, they will have afternoon tea on their return to the ELC. 

We will be changing our routine from next week (Monday 22nd March) so that afternoon tea will be at 3:30pm. If you believe your child will still be at the ELC at that time please include some afternoon tea for your child. This can be a piece of fruit and a snack. Our team of educators are looking forward to implementing this change and allowing children more time to play indoors and for a smoother pick up in the afternoon.

Term 1, Week 5

General reminders
Please pack a spare set of clothes for your child in case of a toileting accident. This can be plain clothes.

Please label your child's belongings so that they can be returned if misplaced or lost.

Upcoming events: Our Meet and Greet is scheduled for Monday 22nd March from 9 - 10am. This will be a great opportunity to meet your child's educator, have a look at your child's room and the learning that they have been engaged in as well as meet other families. Building a sense of community is very important to us and we see this as a wonderful opportunity to form connections and relationships.  Parking at the College will be limited to the ELC car spaces and then on surrounding streets. The short term parking off Regent street will also be available from 9am however will need to be clear before 9am to allow for Primary school students to be dropped off. We look forward to spending this time with you and a chance to see all the learning that's been happening so far this year.

Healthy Adventures Book Pack: Our first families and children have taken home the Book Pack this week to experience healthy adventures and learn more about nutrition and being active. Each family who has signed the consent form will have the opportunity to take home one of the packs for a week and record their adventures in the diary. It's not too late to sign up for this opportunity with consent forms available in the foyer.

Learning Overview: Below is an overview of the learning and projects happening in each of the rooms.  These have also been documented on Storypark.

Preschool / Kamala Room - The children in the Kamala Room have been investigating animals over the past few weeks as it started with Australian animals and has now progressed into dinosaurs. This is obviously a favourite topic for children of this age and there is much excitement in the room as they discover lots of facts about dinosaurs. The children have been sharing with each other what their favourite dinosaur is and have been reading stories and singing songs about dinosaurs.

Preschool / Mao Chong Room - The children in the Mao ChongRoom have also been interested in animals however their learning and interest has been more focussed on pretending to be animals and using animals in their imaginative play. The educators have been encouraging the children to consider how these animals move and to try to do the same. Most of the animals that the children have been investigating are jungle animals which prompted the inclusion of a safari tent in their room. During devotions, the children have been learning about Creation and what God created on each of the days.  It will be interesting to see where this discussion leads them.

Prep / Papillon Room - The children in the Papillon Room have been engaging in a project all about transport and things that move. This has seen the children use large cardboard boxes to create cars / taxis and boats and they have used paddle pop sticks to create a long train track. Educators have often seen children creating different vehicles with blocks and connecting materials. It has been wonderful to see children forming friendships and building their social skills as they share ideas with each other about what they're making.

Prep / Burudyara Room - The children in the Burudyara Room have spent some time investigating what Burudyara means which has led to some learning about indigenous culture. Children explored indigenous art and stories, learning about their culture and how they cared for the land. The children have also recently started to explore visual arts which started from one of the families bringing in an artwork which is on display in their room. Children talked about how the painting was made and the different lines in it. This has prompted the children to explore different artists and to create their own pieces of art. I'm sure you will start to see some amazing artworks coming home soon.

Prep / Mariposa Room - The children in the mariposa Room have been learning all about camping which started at the beginning of the year as children talked about what they did in the summer holidays. Children talked about what they already know about camping and what their favourite part is. The Educators then took them to the bush area near the ELC to collect sticks to make their own campfire (no actual flames were made!) which was an exciting adventure in itself. Since then, the children have been discussing other aspects of camping which is now focused on what food they cook when camping. The educators will extend on this with some cooking experiences in the coming days.

Term 1, Week 1

Welcome to new families
It has been wonderful to welcome so many new families to the ELC this year and for children to be settling in so quickly.  The children have been starting to form friendships, to remember the names of other children in their class and to remember the name of the class.

As a reminder for families, our classes and teachers for this year are:

Preschool - Kamala (Hindi word for Caterpillar)
Miss Nicky, Miss Elia and Mr Ben

Preschool - Mao Chong (Mandarin word for Caterpillar)
Miss Amy, Miss Joanne and Miss Deborah

Prep - Mariposa (Spanish word for Butterfly)
Miss Maya and Miss Emily

Prep - Burudyara (Indigenous word for Butterfly)
Miss Rhiannan and Miss Ani

Prep - Papillon (French word for Butterfly)
Miss Marie and Miss Rohini

Communicating with the ELC
If you are needing to pass on a message to your child's teacher or to inform the ELC that your child is away due to illness or holiday this can be done through a Conversation on Storypark or an email to [email protected]

News time
Our news theme for this term is All About Me.  Each room will be sending out a roster to indicate the date that your child will be presenting their news.  Some ideas for news are to create a poster with lots of information about your child - favourite colour, food, toy, place to be, pets at home, etc.  You could also bring in some objects that are of particular meaning to your child.  Photos could also be sent that feature family members and key moments in your child's life.  We're looking forward to seeing children present their news!

Lunch boxes
We are still having many families bring in their child's lunch in an insulated bag.  All children's lunches are stored in the fridge therefore the insulated bag is not being effective in keeping your child's lunch at a safe temperature.  The insulated bags are also quite large and take up valuable space in the fridge.  If your child is bringing warm food in a thermos this can be kept in the labelled box near the fridge.  We really appreciate your help with this.

Welcome to ELC Dinner
We will be hosting a Welcome to ELC dinner for all of our new families on Tuesday 16th February from 5pm.  More information will be sent out in the coming days regarding this however please save the date in your calendar.

Healthy Adventures Book Pack
As shared on Storypark, we are participating in an initiative from NSW Health and Munch and Move to promote healthy eating and active play with our families.  There is information about how you can be involved in our foyer with a consent form available for you to sign.  Please speak with either Suzi Scott or one of the educators if you need more information about this.