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Stage 3 Gold Day

Stage 3 Gold Day

On Tuesday, 31 March Stage 3 participated in ‘Gold Day’ as part of their Term 1 HSIE unit on the Australian Gold Rush. Students came to school dressed up in character, ready to perform a script they had written over the term in Drama. There were miners, women, Chinese, and troopers, just to name a few.

The day began with students setting up their performing area in the Auditorium, complete with painted backgrounds and other props. Stage 3 then enjoyed watching each group’s performance for the rest of the morning. There were some great performances, showcasing what it would have been like to live back in the time of the Gold Rush!

After Recess, Stage 3 rotated around a number of activities – outdoor games, craft, and indoor games. They enjoyed creating a photo momento of the day and playing some ‘old fashioned’ games such as marbles, pick up sticks, hopscotch, whirligigs, and skipping.

It was a great day to finish our Gold Rush unit, and we are thankful to the lovely parents who came along and helped on the day.

Stage 3 Gold 1

Stage 3 Gold 2

Stage 3 Gold

Mrs Rachel Li
Stage 3 Teacher

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