Norwest Seed Academy offers both a Junior and Senior Drama program.

Junior Drama Program (Y4-8)

A skills-based, games-based learning experience. Students will be exposed to a vocabulary for drama. Their pre-existing skills of imagination, character building, and play building will be embraced, grown and developed throughout the course, as we explore these elements of drama. Course objectives include; Expression and Characterisation; Characterisation and storytelling; Performance and improvisation.

The Senior Drama Program (Y9-12)

Covering many techniques and associated practices to develop the craft of acting. This course is designed to complement the Secondary School Drama curriculum with a particular focus on developing individual students’ acting skills and abilities. Students will have the opportunity to work on scripts and characters they are exploring in the classroom if required. Course objectives include; Tools of an actor through the comedic lens; Connection and Storytelling; Impersonation; Scripted work.

Drama Tutors

Sarah Frost

Sarah worked in the film, television and theatre industry from 1997-2014 as a performer, writer, director and producer. In that time, she appeared in short films, TV commercials, and stage plays as well as creating 2 short films, and producing her own web series called Town Centre.

Sarah regularly contributes to the NWCC Performing Arts program by creatively directing both Primary and High School musicals. It is because of her extensive experience in the field of drama and performance, as well as her comedic enthusiasm and instinct for stagecraft, that students thrive under Sarah’s acting tutelage.

As one of the drama tutors at Norwest Seed Academy, Sarah's Senior Drama Program is specifically designed to develop the craft of acting and complement the Secondary School Drama curriculum with a particular focus on developing individual students’ acting skills, techniques and abilities.

For more information on Sarah's web series and other professional credentials, please visit www.towncentreshow.com.au

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