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Seed Academy EOI Form

Norwest Seed Academy is the College’s extra curricular studies academy that aligns with our mission of Building Purposeful Lives. It aims to provide students with the opportunity to discover their gifts and passions; and to build their capacity in a variety of areas as they equip and empower themselves to pursue their purpose.

Norwest Seed Academy will offer a range of activities that seek to stimulate imagination, creativity, physical stamina and a love of learning. Initially, Norwest Seed Academy will incorporate our current music tuition, academic tutoring and instrument hire programs. However, as early as January 2018 the Academy will expand, offering further opportunities including dance classes, art classes, early childhood music lessons, and an expanded range of music tuition opportunities. It is anticipated that a much broader range of opportunities will be added over the course of the year including self-defence classes and tennis lessons.


Seed Academy Expression of Interest

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