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Press Release – Sebel Furniture Design Excursion

Press Release - Sebel Furniture Design Excursion


Top Australian and world iconic product designer SEBEL and Norwest Christian College combined to ignite a passion for design and engineering among Year 11 Design and Technology students. Students were challenged and encouraged to innovate future iconic designs for the 21st Century.

NWCC students visited, toured and studied the SEBEL factory as part of an Innovation Case Study. The manufacturing processes of SEBEL’s creative and comfortable Postura school chair were examined. NWCC students sit on a SEBEL Postura every day at school! 20 million Postura school chairs have been sold worldwide! NWCC students were led through the processes of design, manufacturing, testing and witnessed the robotics involved in the creation of SEBEL’s furniture range. Students also gained an understanding of protecting design through patents.

NWCC students spent time with SEBEL’s Research and Development Manager, Plant Manager and Marketing team to learn about product innovation and design. These senior staff were specifically made available to assist students with their HSC studies. SEBEL was keen to show students their world class plastic manufacturing facility as well as their own National Association of Testing Authorities certified testing laboratory.

Norwest Christian College and SEBEL, demonstrate the best of school-business partnerships in inspiring senior school students as they transition to universities or alternative pathways to employment. Such partnerships are key to Australia’s future development and posterity. The world is transitioning from the Age of Information to the Age of Innovation. NWCC Design and Technology students are at the forefront of original ideas, solutions, ideas, concepts, products and experiences.

NWCC students reflected on their visit and the legacy of it’s founder Harry Sebel, who established this iconic brand in 1951. Could they design products that were timeless, using innovative design and materials to be used by generations to come?

Ella Year 11, summed up her day’s experience. I found myself inspired by the design preparation and folio work addressing all aspects of the now well known Sebel chair. This design development format and level has really given me the boost I need in my own HSC Major Design Project work.

 Brian Barter Head of Technology at NWCC expressed the view: "The excursion supported our students’ HSC learning experience and provided real world application of innovation development experiences to support Australia as one of the world’s most innovative nations”.


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