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Seasons of Life

Seasons of Life

September has marked the beginning of Spring and my friends are always sending me photos of their amazing gardens and the beauty they behold. There are tulips, freesias, iris, azaleas, sweet peas, daffodils, jonquils, camellias, bird of paradise, wisteria, snowdrops, bluebells, jasmine, lavender, blossoms and daisies. It would be wonderful if we could all remain in a season such as Spring with all its colour, beauty and fragrance, but unfortunately, we cannot only live in one season.

The year is divided into four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It would be wonderful to have the joy of only living in Spring and enjoy the warmer weather, the sunshine, fresh air, bursts of magnificent colour, the happiness of bright coloured flowers and the season that starts the beginning of daylight saving.

Well what does summer look like? Much hotter weather, days where the mercury constantly rises about 30 degrees, the beach, the waterparks, the end of the school year, Christmas holidays, celebrations and often the garden may start to wilt under the sun’s penetrating and often drying rays. This is the time gardens need the most amount of water. Then towards the end of this season we find ourselves making New Year resolutions, returning to school, usually reinvigorated by a holiday and ready for the year that lies ahead.

What does autumn offer us? Milder days and the beginning of mornings and nights that offer coolness of temperature. The wonderful exotic trees not native to Australia start to provide a panorama of colour as leaves turn from brilliant green to yellow, gold, orange, burnished brown and some are even a deep red claret colour. The days are getting shorter and we notice the temperature has dropped significantly by the end of autumn. Daylight saving has also ended, and we can’t work outside for as many hours in a day.

Well, what about the season most people find the least attractive, winter. The days are short, the mornings and night are usually very cold, and the days don’t tend to heat up. We start to see frost appear on lawns and on cars in the morning. The trees that once provided abundant shade in summer and were grassy-green look totally bare, dried up and lifeless. There appears to be no signs of life at all, just a trunk and dried twisted branches, not a sign of life at all. A gardener once showed me that if you scratch the bark on what looks like a dead tree you can find out if it is really dead. A dormant deciduous tree when scratched has a green stem underneath whereas, a dead tree is dry and brown underneath. What looks dead is actually alive just waiting for the next season to appear. People love the firers of winter and some enjoy venturing into the snow to enjoy its activities and some winter holidays.

My question today is what season of life are you in? We all have seasons in our lives and sometimes when it looks like we are all dried up and we look dead on the outside there is a green stem beneath just waiting for spring to arrive so that we can blossom again. If we allow ourselves to only see the season we are in, we will miss the beauty of the coming season.

One of favourite authors is Corrie ten Boom who wrote the book The Hiding Place. Corrie and her family helped nearly 800 Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War 11. We may not know what season we are in and we may not know how we are going to get out of it or if we will skip from one season to another. Our future is unknown to us, but we have a God that we can trust, even when everything around us looks like winter. If you haven’t read Corrie ten Boom’s book, it is worth a read and it challenged me on my perspective of life. This is one of my favourite quotes.

Let’s look forward to Spring!

Catherine Redwood

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