Stage 1 Communication Notes

Term 2, Week 10 Memory Verse

"Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always."

1 Chronicles 16:11

Weekly Organisation
Assembly (Week A), Chapel (Week B)
Library (Y2 Nectarine)
Sport, Library (Y1 Tangerine)
Library (Y1 Loquat & Y2 Apricot)
Sport, Library (Y1 Grapefruit, Y1 Pineapple & Y2 Papaya)

Term 2, Week 9
Important Information

Cardboard Tube - Year 2
Year 2 are completing an Art activity next term and we are needing some cardboard tubes. When you have have finished using your paper towel, glad wrap, glad bake or foil, please give it to your child and bring it to the Year 2 shared space. No toilet rolls please. Thanks for your help!

Premier's Reading Challenge
The holidays are a fabulous opportunity for the children to be reading and logging the books they read on their PRC account online. It would be wonderful for as many children as possible in Stage 1 to achieve this challenge!

Mini Athletics Carnival
Today, students from ELC to Year 2 participated in the Mini Athletics Carnival event here at the College. Our Infants students had a fantastic time participating in a variety of sports events including Shot Put, Long Jump and Relay Races. The students supported their Sport Houses well and demonstrated great effort and perseverance throughout the day. Thank you to those who came along to enjoy the day!

History Excursion
In Week 2 of Term 3, Stage 1 students will be visiting the Elizabeth Farm in Rouse Hill. The event will take place over two days with Year 1 visiting on Tuesday, July 27 and Year 2 on Wednesday July 28. We would like for 1 or 2 parent volunteers from each class to join us during these scheduled times. Kindly email your child's class teacher before Wednesday July 21, keeping in mind that you will need to have completed all the College requirements for volunteering prior to emailing your availability. Please ensure that you have granted your child permission on Edumate no later than Wednesday, July 21.

Year 2 Presentation
On Thursday, 24th of June, from 9:15am - 10:00am, Year 2 will be sharing some songs and raps they have been learning for spelling and grammar. We would love Year 2 parents to join us! Please sign in through the front office prior to joining us in the auditorium.

Year 2 Maths Immersion Day
On Monday 21st of June, Year 2 will participate in a Maths Immersion Day. They will spend the day learning to create and interpret graphs by joining in activities using skittles, outdoor equipment and digital technology. Your child might like to show you their passport and tell you all about their favourite activity.

History Year 1
In Term 3 and 4, our Year One students will be learning about families in the past and present. For our introduction to this topic, we would love printed photos of students as babies, a garment they may have worn when they were little and a printed family photo. We kindly ask students to have these items at school on Monday, 19 July - our first day of Term 3. All items will be returned to home when students have shared them with the class.

Term 2, Week 7

Important Information


  • If your child needs to wear a shirt underneath their uniform for extra warmth, please ensure that it is a plain white short-sleeved shirt. Any undershirts worn should not be seen, which means they should also be tucked into boys' pants and into sports shorts/pants.
  • Nail polish: students are unable to wear nail polish to school. 

Please email your child's classroom teacher, or send in a handwritten note to explain any issues regarding your child's uniform on the day of the issue. Thanks for your assistance with ensuring your child is meeting College uniform requirements.

Reconciliation Week - Indigenous Education Incursion
As part of Reconciliation Week, our Infants students participated in an Indigenous Education incursion on Monday 31 May. Students had the opportunity to participate in a Didgeridoo show, story telling, Aboriginal song and dance, art, boomerang throwing and many other amazing experiences which taught them more about our First Nations People. It was a fabulous opportunity for our students to be immersed into Indigenous culture!

Infants Mini Athletics Carnival
Our Infants Mini Athletics Carnival will be on Friday 18 June. This will be an exciting time where students can stretch their skills in a range of athletic activities. We encourage students to wear their house shirts (or a shirt in their house colour) to get into their team spirit. Students have been learning a range of skills over the last few weeks and will continue to emulate a range of skills as they prepare for this day.

Love Hawkesbury - Community Service
It has been wonderful to hear about the many different jobs that our Stage 1 students have completed in order to serve others and raise money for Samaritan's Purse. If your child has completed jobs over the month of May as part of 'Love Hawkesbury', please ensure that you send your child's classroom teacher a note or email with a record of the service completed, so it can go towards your child's Community Service as part of the Norwest Challenge. Please share the total amount of time spent completing jobs, and a photo or two!

Premier's Reading Challenge
Students are encouraged to continue reading books and logging them on their PRC account online. Each week in library they are encouraged to be choosing books that have the PRC sticker on the spine of the book. If they have the sticker, make sure you note down the book to add to their list of books. As well as the opportunity to borrow books, we have read a number of books in class that are on the PRC book list. Over the next couple of weeks you will receive an email from your child's teacher containing a list of all those books for you to add onto your child's reading log.

Geography Project - Year 1
This term in Geography (across weeks 8 - 10), we are planning a very exciting project for our students. Students will be designing and creating their own classroom or playground. Thank you to those that have already started bringing recycled materials in. If you haven't it would be great if your child could bring in a shopping bag full of small recycled materials such as small boxes, toothpaste boxes, empty paper towel rolls, toothpicks, carboard tubes, small lids, egg cartons, straws, plastic cups, plastic bowls, etc.

Cardboard Tubes
Year 2 are completing an Art activity next term and we are needing some cardboard tubes. When you have have finished using your paper towel, glad wrap, glad bake or foil, please give it to your child and bring it to the Year 2 shared space. No toilet rolls please. Thanks for your help!

Term 2, Week 5
Important Information

Premier's Reading Challenge
The NSW Premier's Reading Challenge is well underway for 2021. The Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure, and every year we have a large number of students complete the Challenge. Your child received their login details on a sticker attached in Term 1. Lists of the books that are included in the Challenge can be found here. We are looking forward to seeing our students enthusiastically completing the 2021 PRC!

Winter Uniform
The College Winter uniform has begun!

Effective Monday 10th May, students are expected to wear full Winter uniform as follows: For all students, the College blazer must be the outer most layer of uniform worn and must be worn over the formal uniform when arriving and departing from the College each day. For girls, the College charcoal grey stockings must be worn in lieu of the white College socks with College trim. Girls may choose to wear the College long pants and blouse as an alternative to their dress. For boys, the College long pants must be worn in lieu of shorts.

Sport uniform remains unchanged and should continue to be worn on Wednesdays and Fridays. A reminder that the outer layer of warmth on Sport days is the sport jacket, with the College jumper to be worn underneath if needed. Students may wear a plain white short-sleeved undershirt for extra warmth; however, please ensure that the sleeves cannot be seen under the College shirt, sports shirt or dress. For any further information or clarification, please speak to your child's classroom teacher.

Year 1 - Geography
This term in Geography, Year 1 classes across weeks 8 -10, are planning a very exciting project. Students will be designing and creating their own classroom or playground. For this purpose we kindly ask that your child brings in a shopping bag full of all kinds of recycled materials including: small boxes, toothpaste boxes, empty toilet/paper rolls, toothpicks, cardboard tubes, small lids, egg cartons, straws, plastic cups, plastic bowls, etc. Please bring this in from the Monday, 7 June.

Upcoming Events
View upcoming activities on the College Home Page. Click here to read more.

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