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Weekly Organisation
Year 2 Sport
Year 1 Sport
Year 1 Library Thursdays (every week), Year 2 Library Thursday Week B, 2E Sport & 2N Sport
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Term 2, Week 6

Winter Uniform
This week, students transitioned to their winter uniform. This entails:
Formal Uniform: Blazers and formal hats (all students), long formal pants and formal shirts (boys), grey stockings and formal dress or formal pants and blouse (girls). The woollen jumpers or vests may be worn underneath blazers for additional warmth. Blazers must be worn for school arrival and departure.
Sport Uniform: Sport shorts or long sports pants, sport t-shirt, sport hat and sport jacket. The woollen jumpers or vests may be worn underneath sport jackets for additional warmth.
Teachers will also be checking jewellery and hair length, so please ensure these adhere to College guidelines. For further information, please refer to the College website ( ) or speak to your child's teacher.

Premier's Reading Challenge
It is wonderful to see that so many of our Year 1 and 2 students have already completed the Premier's Reading Challenge. Names of students who have completed the challenge are displayed on our special PRC bookshelf in the primary quad area and a special prize will be awarded to the first class who has all of its students finish the challenge. The challenge concludes on the 18th August, so make sure you continue reading and logging books read on the PRC website ( Student login details have been stuck onto your child's Home Learning folder. Please see your class teacher for any questions about the PRC, or email [email protected]

Term 2 Primary Assemblies
Parents and carers are invited to attend our Primary Assemblies. The last Primary Assembly for Term 2 will be on Monday 19 June (Week 9) at 2pm in the Atrium. Year 1 and 2 will be presenting their learning.

Year 1 Geography Awesome Parks Project Based Learning (PBL)
We are excited to continue our Awesome Parks PBL in Geography. Students are in the process of planning and creating their models.

Please continue to send in any listed recyclable materials to support your child as they collaborate to create their park. Please do not buy any expensive items - the idea is to incorporate as many recycled materials as possible.

During Weeks 6 - 9, we would love for parents to be involved in supporting students across Year 1 by helping them create their models. If you are available in Weeks 6 - 9, please refer to the email sent out on Friday, 19 May, for more information and the form to indicate your availability. We would love to have you support us as many times as you would like!

Please save the date for Thursday, 22 June, in Week 9, as all parents are invited to a fun-filled morning viewing of the completed projects, which will be displayed in the Auditorium from 9:30 - 10:15 am.

Upcoming Events
View upcoming activities on the College Home Page. Click here to read more.

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