Kindergarten Communication Notes

Weekly Organisation
Kindy Possum/Quokka Library (weekly)
Grade Assembly, Kindy Bilby/Wombat Library
P.E. (wear sports uniform)
Sport (wear sports uniform)

Term 1, Week 9

Busways Incursion
This week, students from Kindergarten-Year 3 were able to participate in an informative and exciting incursion about Bus Safety which was conducted by Busways. Students learnt about how to safely get on and off a bus by ensuring they sit down straight away, wear a seatbelt if the bus has and wait for the bus to leave before using a safe place to cross the road. Students were also taught about how to cross the road by using the STOP! (one step back from the kerb), LOOK! (continuously both ways), LISTEN! for the sounds of approaching traffic), and THINK! (whether it is safe to cross) steps. To end the incursion, we all went for a ride in a bus around the streets to practice bus safety!

On Thursday 6 April 2023, we will be attending a whole school Easter service. This will be a time we can remember the death and resurrection of our saviour Jesus Christ. Students will be able to reflect and learn the importance of the Son of God dying on a cross and rising from the dead so that we can be saved and have a relationship with our great God.

Student Parent Meeting (SPM)
On Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 March, we will be hosting our Student Progress Meetings (SPMs). Bookings have opened, so please ensure you take the time to make an appointment online with your child's teacher at a time when both you and your child are available to attend. SPMs are one of the great ways that, as a College, we can partner together in your child's education. We look forward to seeing you there and giving your child the opportunity to show you some of the great learning that has happened already this year.

Imago Dei
Imago Dei will be held on Thursday 30 March 2023. Our theme for Imago Day this year is ‘All God’s Children’. This is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the body of Christ, the value God places on each and how every one of us are made Imago Dei (in the image of God) - Galatians 3:28 (CEV). Students are encouraged to celebrate diversity of being ‘All of God’s Children’ by wearing their cultural dress or, if this is unavailable, they can wear their House Sport shirt or a sporting team jersey for the day. We also encourage students to bring cultural foods for their lunch.

Cross Country
Our annual Cross Country will be on Friday 31 March. An email was sent out to all parents/caregivers about the approximate time schedule for each year group. Students are all expected to participate, whether they walk or run, and need to wear their House Shirt with College Sport Shorts and Sports Hat. Infant students may wear a shirt in their house colours. Parents are very welcome to come attend and cheer on their child/children in this event. For further information, please refer to the communication that was sent to parents/caregivers.

Upcoming Events
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