Kindergarten Communication Notes

Weekly Organisation
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Term 4, Week 1

Important Information

Back to School
We are so excited to see all of Kindergarten at school again! For Kindy, Online Learning concludes at the end of Week 2 on Friday, 15 October and we return to campus Monday, 18 October, for the start of Week 3. To ensure that our return to school goes smoothly, please remember to pack a few things in your child's bag: 

- Headphones (if these were taken home) 
- Writing and Handwriting books (these should have been received in the mail during the holidays) 
- Spare underwear just in case of toileting accidents as children are likely to be deeply engaged in social play and may forget to use the toilet until too late.

To celebrate returning to school, students are asked to decorate a 'This is me' element: a wooden spoon, rock, or create their own avatar decorated as themselves, and bring it to school on the first official day back at the College: Monday 18 October for Kindergarten. All of these amazing student creations will be displayed in a designated area around the school. Our displays will be called Together-ville and will celebrate that we are now together as a community, face to face once again.

Tear Fund

TEAR Australia is a Christian relief agency responding to the needs of poor communities around the world. The money raised by our students will go directly towards providing necessary equipment and education for those in need. We hope to help students recognise how blessed they are to live in Australia and to consider how they might be able to contribute to helping others. Norwest Christian College has supported TEAR Australia for a number of years. During Term 4 this project is usually a significant community service opportunity during Term 4. This year, we recognise that there may have been a number of impacts on families with our extended lockdown, so this year we still want to provide the avenue for our families to participate, but also recognise that there is the option to opt-out if needed as well. Teachers will still discuss TEAR with students, but each class will not set a class target of funds to be raised as we usually do. Students are encouraged to raise money by being sponsored to engage in acts of service. Some ideas for acts of service may include:
- washing the car
- cleaning out a cupboard
- washing windows
- organising a space where things are stored
- washing pet/cleaning pet space
- wiping kitchen cabinets
- helping make dinner
- cleaning mirrors in the house
- taking the bins out
- vacuuming or sweeping the floors
- watering the plants
- dusting/wiping furniture
- helping to weed the garden
- folding and put away laundry
- reading to a sibling
- sorting and hanging clothes on line
Donations and total hours of service are to be submitted through TryBookings, found through Online Bookings, under Parent Links on the College website or the Links tile in the College app, by Friday, 29 October 2021. Please see the previous email communication for further details. 

Escape from Space
On Thursday, it was wonderful to see Kindergarten students participating in our special Maths Immersion Day! What a fantastic opportunity for students to stretch their perseverance muscles in order to complete each of their Number Missions. Congratulations to all students for working so hard during this day and successfully accomplishing their mission to fix the rocket and return to Earth! We are so proud of how hard all students worked and we loved seeing students use their Maths Skills to solve this huge problem during our special Space Week. Thank you to all those who assisted our Kindy students in navigating this special day!

Getting Uniforms Ready - Summer Uniform
It is Term 4 so we are wearing our Summer uniform, with sports uniform on Wednesdays and Fridays. Don't forget to check and make sure that your child's shoes are clean and their uniform fits before we return to campus as they might have had a growth spurt during the lockdown. For a refresher on what our summer uniform is please see below.


Shirt- Norwest green non-tuck shirt with dark green trim.
Elastic backed shorts or trousers - regulation items from College Uniform Shop.
Socks - Norwest grey socks with College trim.
Shoes - polished black closed-in leather traditional/formal style school shoes (heel 3cm or less). Where laces are worn they must be black. Buckled shoes may be worn by students in Kindergarten to Year 2 only. Other styles, including ballet, Raben, Vans, skate, sports or canvas shoes are not permitted - even if leather.
Hat - Norwest green broad-brimmed College hat.
Bag - Norwest green Primary bag.


Dress - in Norwest pattern.
Socks - Norwest mid-calf socks with College trim. 
Shoes - polished black closed-in leather traditional/formal style school shoes (heel 3cm or less). Where laces are worn they must be black. Buckled shoes may be worn by students in Kindergarten to Year 2 only. Other styles, including ballet, Raben, Vans, skate, sports or canvas shoes are not permitted - even if leather.
Hat - Norwest cream poly-braid girls’ hat.
Bag - Norwest green Primary bag

Please see the college website should you need any further clarification

Norwest Challenge
At the end of Term 3, a revised version of the Norwest Challenge was sent out to accommodate the changes we have faced over the past few months. We would like to encourage you to engage with this document and share it with your child so that they can strive towards their goal in the challenge. If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask. All service needs to be completed and documented by Friday Week 4 this term. Writing letters of encouragement, creating appreciation messages or videos, painting neighbourhood rocks or doing welfare calls to support family/friends are just some of the ways in which Kindergarten students can engage with their community.

Kiss and Go
In the coming weeks, as we return to school, we ask that parents please stay in their cars if they are picking up from the Kiss and Go. This will allow the flow of traffic to continue smoothly, while also allowing us to maintain appropriate social distancing. If you are needing to assist your child with seat belts or getting into the car, please pick up through Kiss and Go then go to the short term carpark, where you will be able to park and assist your child as needed. This is located straight ahead when you enter the driveway of the school gates.

Term 3, Week 9

Important Information

End of Term
Well done to our incredible students for making it through such a huge term of Online Learning! We are so proud of you. You have worked so hard and persevered through this difficult situation and we are so impressed with the care and effort you have put into so much of your learning. We also want to say a very big thank you to all of the Kindergarten parents for your support, patience and partnership through all of the changes that this term has brought. We pray that the upcoming holidays are refreshing for you and your families.

Norwest Challenge Update

During the holidays would be a perfect opportunity to serve your community and work towards your Norwest Challenge. This year, as part of the Norwest Challenge, students are encouraged to engage with others both in our College and in the community. There are specific requirements for the amount of time that students need to spend completing College and/or Community Engagement if they are aiming to achieve their Silver, Gold or Platinum award in the Norwest Challenge. Please refer to the new Kindergarten Norwest Challenge sheet for further information and ideas for ways students can serve. Further information can be found in the Primary End of term letter.
We encourage you to discuss with your child what service they could complete. If you are unsure, please contact your child's classroom teacher. All service needs to be completed and documented by Friday Week 4 next term. Writing letters of encouragement, creating appreciation messages or videos, painting neighbourhood rocks or doing welfare calls to support family/friends are just some of the ways which Kindergarten students can engage with their community.

Zoom Meetings
It has been a true joy to connect with Kindergarten students each week on Zoom. Thank you for your support in assisting your child to sign into Zoom via Seesaw each week. We are enjoying connecting, praying together, and talking about the fun learning activities that are set. We look forward to continuing to meet on Zoom again next term.

2021 PRC Final Update
A very big congratulations to the 340 students across Primary School who completed the 2021 Premier's Reading Challenge! What a fantastic effort - thanks to parents for your encouragement and support of your child/ren as they completed the PRC. Our Kindy 2021 PRC Champion Class is Kindy Watermelon, with 100% of the class completing the challenge. Wow! Congratulations, Kindy Watermelon! Don't forget to keep a personal note of any books that you read with your child from now on, as books can be counted towards next year's PRC. The holidays are the perfect time for getting into some books. Congratulations again to all who have completed the 2021 PRC!

Term 3, Week 7

Important Information

2021 Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)
Well done to all of our Kindy students who have already completed this year's Premier's Reading Challenge! Just a reminder that the challenge closing date has been extended and finishes Friday, 3 September 2021. Please ensure that all books read have been entered onto your child's PRC online account by 11:59pm today to ensure they are counted towards achievement of this year's challenge.

Father's Day
We wish all of our Kindy Dads a very happy and relaxing Father's Day for this Sunday! Today in online learning, our Kindy students had the opportunity to engage in a special 'Father's Day Choice Board', which we hope provided an opportunity for them to reflect on, appreciate, and bless their Dad!

Welcome Miss Thorne!
We warmly welcome Miss Thorne to the Kindy Team as she embarks on the final 3 week placement of her Teaching Degree! Miss Thorne is no stranger to Norwest, already knowing many of our students after having worked in the ELC and OSHC for several years. This week, Miss Thorne has taught some fun and interesting Maths lessons, and used her creative talents in Art and Drama to engage our Kindy students in learning. We are looking forward to see what she has planned for next week!

A Note for our Parents from Miss Thorne
Hello wonderful Norwest Parents! It has been such a pleasure teaching your children and learning from their teachers over the past week at Norwest. I have been so impressed with the learning that they have done and it has brought me great joy to see all of the hard work they have put into engaging with online learning. You should be very proud of them and especially yourselves for supporting your children through this time. I wanted to share a Bible verse with you, that has helped me through this time which is Philippians 4:6-7. This verse has always held a special place in my heart and has reminded me in this time especially, to always turn my eyes to God whenever I am feeling worried and pray. It has brought me so much peace during this time. I will be praying that God’s peace is with you all as we continue this season of online learning. You are all doing a wonderful job!

Zoom Meetings
It has been so wonderful to see and talk with students again during our Zoom meetings! Weekly meeting dates will continue to be sent as an announcement on Seesaw. Groups are changed each week to allow students the opportunity to meet with all of their class peers. Students are reminded to join their Zoom meeting with their microphones muted and video enabled so we can all see each other. We appreciate your support in connecting students to their Zoom meeting and setting them up efficiently.

Term 3, Week 5

Important Information

Online Learning
Hooray for completing 5 weeks of Online Learning. We are just so impressed with how Kindergarten are managing this new learning experience. We have also thoroughly enjoyed the start of weekly Zoom calls - it has been so lovely seeing each others' faces. Keep up the good work everyone!

Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)
Students are encouraged to continue reading books and logging them on their PRC account online. The challenge closing date has been extended and will now finish on Friday, September 3, 2021. Do you need access to books to read whilst learning at home? Many public libraries offer access to ebooks whilst access to their physical collection is limited.

Student Absences
Even during online learning there will still be days where students are feeling unwell or there may be other reasons why students can not complete online learning that day. If these situations occur please send an email to [email protected] and your classroom teacher to let them know so that we are aware that work will not be completed.

Upcoming Events
View upcoming activities on the College Home Page. Click here to read more.

Kind regards,
Miss Bown
Mrs Brian
Miss Knight
Mrs Li