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Press Release – Norwest innovative career education

Press Release - Norwest innovative career education


Everyday Norwest Christian College students are preparing for their future careers, in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous). It is estimated that on average, current school leavers will experience over 18 jobs across 5 different careers. The guiding principle of the College’s Building Purposeful Lives learning framework provides direction and focus to education and future opportunities for our alumni.

Children often fantasise about the endless possibilities limited only by their imagination, however children will unconsciously accept gender differences in careers – from what they perceive. Many students in Year 6 will have begun to think about or imagine their careers. As students progress through Secondary years, they will attach significance to career aspirations and post school studies. A large number of university students, however, change courses and career directions whilst studying. For many, career changes will naturally occur throughout their working life. During the coming decades, currently un-thought-of jobs will emerge as others disappear.

At Norwest Christian College, career education begins in the Early Learning Centre. Young students are learning to relate with others, assist with tasks, explore imagination and extend capabilities during play. Being responsible and reliable are appropriate ‘building blocks’ for future years.

During the College’s Primary years, students learn the importance of Numeracy and Literacy skills and how they contribute to learning and life aspirations. They learn interpersonal skills and how to communicate and work positively and respectfully with others. Students develop decision making attributes and learn how Christian faith motivates purpose in life and contributes to personal and community responsibility. They also learn how Technology skills complement learning and support students as they begin to navigate through life and work.

The College’s Careers Counsellor, Mrs Pamela Ledley, stated: “One of the key elements of career development is exploration and inspiration”. The Secondary Careers Futures Program enhances these elements through “meeting and engaging with a wide range of industry professionals”. Pamela added, “We see these first-hand conversations as one of the essential elements of inspiration”. There are also a wide range of relevant industry excursions.

During Years 10 and 11, students engage in a week of work experience. These invaluable experiences provide opportunities for students to work alongside professionals in many areas and help shape ideas for future work. Every student in Years 10, 11 and 12 has an individual meeting with the Careers Counsellor to discuss future career plans. Students also engage in personality profiling in order to identify traits suitable for certain careers. Students establish goals to assist with their decision making, including committing to academic success, participation in College and community life, making suitable subject choices and gaining experience in their field of interest.

Elise, Year 10 said, “I aim to be a primary teacher because good early role models are important as children grow up to be independent young adults”.  Aaron, also Year 10, wants to be a lawyer. “There is much injustice in society and there are many personally defenceless people. I may be fairly quiet but I am determined to stand up for those who need help. I want to make a difference”, Aaron added.  With the foundational skills and experiences found at Norwest Christian College, we know he will.

Craig Laffin OAM
Director of Development

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Press Release - Norwest innovative career education

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