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Press Release – The story of Norwest Christian College

Press Release - The story of Norwest Christian College



The Birth of a Vision 

Joan and Laurie Rothwell, members of Riverstone Baptist Church, were key visionaries for providing an avenue for Christian Education. Under the leadership of Rev Ralph Parnwell, Riverstone Christian Community Primary School was opened on the 4 February 1980, with Mr Michael Carman as the Founding Principal and 21 students enrolled from Kindergarten to Year 6.


The First 10 Years – The Pioneering Stage 

A new Principal commenced in 1982, Mr Stuart Pegg. In 1986, five acres at the corner of Regent and McCulloch Streets were purchased and building commenced for the new school site. Students moved to the new site in 1987 with new Principal Mr Rodney Teds and the commencement of the first Year 7 cohort. By 1989 the school had grown and now consisted of students up to Year 9, with 227 students in total.


A Time of Development 

In 1990 the name of the school was changed to Coverdale Christian School, after Mr Miles Coverdale, Bishop of Exeter. 1992 saw the first Year 12 cohort complete the HSC and Mr Geoff Clark became the new Principal. The school grew consistently over the next few years with a new structure of Junior, Middle and Senior schools. In 1999, an out of hours care centre was opened to cater for the 750 students.


A Time of Renewal 

From 2000-2004 the school upgraded resources and buildings and in 2005, the school celebrated its 25th anniversary. In 2006, during a challenging time for the school, the school was renamed Norwest Christian College and Mr Ian Maynard, the Head of Secondary, became Principal. Since 2006, Ian and the Board of Directors, have worked tirelessly to rebuild the College to fulfil its vision and mission and the College saw growth again as the surrounding residential areas grew. The strength of the partnership between the church, company members, The Board, the College and it’s families had become an integral part in the future of the College.


Growing from strength to strength

As a community, Norwest Christian College now had a profound sense of who they were and where they had come from, giving them a firm foundation to move courageously into the future. In 2015, the College launched its new learning framework ‘Building Purposeful lives’ (BPL). This framework was developed for learning and for life, and sits at the centre of all that they do: to Love God, Pursue Purpose and Build Capacity. Since 2017 the College has seen strong growth, with the need for new Primary learning spaces. In 2019 the College welcomed its 6th Principal, Mrs Felicity Marlow who has brought a wealth of knowledge, with over 20 years of experience as an educator and leader. Under her leadership the College has continued to grow with almost 900 students currently enrolled.


A vision for the future

At Norwest Christian College, it is their vision as a community to partner in the development of young people who confidently pursue their God-given purpose and to provide excellence in education. As the College continues to build on these learning practices, they are now in the process of finalising plans for upcoming development which will enable students to more readily engage in the kind of 21st century learning practices that are part of their BPL framework. This building project will be completed in two phases: The Secondary Learning Plaza (completion date January 2022) and The STEAM Precinct, (completion date 2026). The College is very excited about this next phase and having Mrs Marlow in the lead to drive this vision.

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