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Press Release – Personalities inspire Norwest radio show

Press Release - Personalities inspire Norwest radio show


“People I chat to on my Norwest Educational Chat Show are remarkable personalities and Australians,” reported show presenter, Mr Craig Laffin. The stories they tell are fascinating and full of colour and interest. A recent guest, Mrs Krysten Bisby, a teacher from Norwest Christian College and an Australian equestrian representative, told of leaping over a barrier in Kentucky USA to restrain an injured horse, after a para equestrian rider had fallen. Krysten leapt into action, stuffing her jacket into the horse’s wound to stem the blood loss, only to realise later that the keys of the Australian team car were in the jacket pocket! With the jacket heavily taped over the wound, the horse (and jacket) were being rushed to a veterinary hospital. Thankfully the rider and horse made a full recovery. The keys though, had seen better days.

Mr Laffin presents the Norwest Educational Chat Show every Monday night from 7-8pm on SWR 99.9. The show is one of the many ways Norwest Christian College contributes to the wider community.

“Many of my guests, educationalists and students, come from Norwest Christian College, where I am Director of Development”, said Mr Laffin. However, other guests are invited from community organisations, sport, other schools and university. Philippa Fraser from Hills Community Aid, spoke about the Good Men Project; standing up against domestic violence. Clement Meru from SydWest Multicultural Services told of tremendous work to help non-English speaking migrants, mainly from Asia and Africa, to transition into the Australian community. Angela van Dyke from Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre spoke of how youth, families and the elderly were assisted with navigating the governments’ social assistance programs. Sue Lawrence, Mike Shervington, Warren Kirby and Rosemary Phillis from the Riverstone and Schofields Chamber of Commerce spoke about Cenotaph 100 and commemorating the Riverstone War Memorial.

The educational guidance provided by Norwest Christian College teachers is both specific and general. Mrs Suzi Scott, Director of NWCC’s Early Learning Centre, gave substantial and welcome advice to parents about preparing their children for pre-school. Suzi told of supporting a teary mum whose enthusiastic little child had rushed into the ELC without a backward glance or a farewell kiss. Mrs Tara Waller, Head of Primary Years, gave advice about transitioning into infant classes and Mr Daryl Hinton, Head of Secondary Years, advised about the transition into high school. Mrs Linda Hogan, Director of Teaching and Learning (Secondary), and her student son Max shared fascinating insights into online learning. Mrs Hogan congratulated all NWCC teachers for their professional expertise, commitment to providing the best online education possible and dedication to caring for students. Mrs Hogan also congratulated students and parents for their positive attitudes to the challenge of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent guests were Mr Andrew Beitsch, Director of Professional Learning and Accreditation at NWCC and students Kai and Thomas who spoke enthusiastically about a Year 11 Business Studies project, which partnered with and harnessed local business expertise. Primary teacher Mrs Rebecca Shaw has spoken of her 20 years in the Cumberland Gang Show and organising school musicals; while Secondary Art teacher Mrs Terie Keough spoke of students’ amazing creativity. Concluding words from guest teacher Mrs Nicole Goudie: “I love seeing NWCC children racing to their parents, eager to tell them all they have learnt.”

Listeners are very welcome to tune in, perhaps live via SWR 99.9 on the radio or online, so next time you’re driving home after work, or on a train or jogging, join in with an appreciative Norwest listenership.

Craig Laffin OAM
Director of Development

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