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Press Release – Norwest Enthusiastic Teachers Power Ahead with Online Learners

Press Release - Norwest Enthusiastic Teachers Power Ahead with Online Learners


The COVID-19 virus which swept the globe since late 2019 has had a dramatic impact on schools. The disruption to education has been unparalleled.

In response to government advise, Norwest Christian College teachers worked tirelessly to transition from face to face teaching, to the highest possible quality of online learning for students in Kindergarten to Year 12. Staff collaborated with students and parents to provide the tools and guidance for an excellent online learning environment.

College Captain Tim advised, “There was real novelty when we first began online learning and it was exciting”. Year 7 student Adele reflected, “I am learning even more at home but sometimes I have to overcome distractions”. Teachers deliver online learning using mixed strategies:  live lessons through Zoom, video tutorials, online assignments and scheduled phone calls. Maxwell of Year 11 enjoyed collaborative learning and spoke of his Science class working together on an online whiteboard. “My teacher explains a topic on the whiteboard and then passes ‘teacher mode’ to students who add contributions. It consolidates and reinforces learning in your mind”. ‘

Teachers regularly contact families to ensure that students are productively engaged with online learning materials. Students who received help from the Learning Enrichment team, continue to receive support. Parents are encouraged to contact teachers in relation to learning and wellbeing issues.

Thomas of Year 2 said , “I am doing a lot more writing. I also have a booklet from the College and I chat to my teacher each week, but I miss my friends”. However, his Mum Kylie is enjoying, “Seeing what he is learning and helping him to achieve”. Tim of Year 12 is keeping his study schedule to the College timetable and is even wearing his school uniform, “To remind myself it is school time not social time; it helps me mentally focus on study”. Brother and sister Maxwell Year 11 and Adele Year 7 refresh with table tennis tournaments during their ‘normal’ school recess and lunch.

With thorough preparation and advice to both students and parents the transition to online learning worked well and a collaborative approach resolved issues as they arose. The goodwill of parents was astounding and encouraging to teachers. Armie, Mum to Breanna Year 3 was impressed with the organisation of online learning, “Breanna loves it and is progressing really well. The feedback is excellent”. Infants (K – 2) students have been further supported by the provision of take home packs of resources.

At the end of Term One, over 90 parents banded together to thank College staff for their endeavours, by providing a pizza lunch and writing notes of gratitude and encouragement.

Mrs Felicity Marlow, Principal, thanked college staff “who have done an extraordinary job in very complex circumstances of keeping students focused on learning while carefully monitoring their wellbeing and sense of safety”. She went on say of staff that: “As College Principal I am very thankful for their continued dedication to their highest priority – the students in their care”. Congratulations to all NWCC educationalists and support staff, along with the students and parents, who together collaborated to make the new system of learning such a positive experience.

Craig Laffin OAM
Director of Development

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