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Press Release – Liveability Project

Press Release - Liveability Project


“The students were teaching ME about urban liveability”, said stunned real estate agent and developer Felipe Martin!

Felipe was again visiting the college to share his professional review and assessment of students’ Liveability projects. During a previous visit Felipe had led a team of business professionals to study Year 8 Liveability projects but on this occasion was studying the amazing thoughtful work of Year 7.

Students in groups of 2-4 were assigned a task requiring geographical enquiry of 21st Century Australian Society. Huge collaborative research by teams of students provided data to be processed, evaluated and refined into meaningful chucks of understanding. Projects became exhibited displays of practical urban environments, films of city land use patterns and cityscape, textual backup documents and models of sustainable dwellings.

Felipe and other Assessors visited each group, where students gave oral explanations of their projects. “The students’ enthusiasm and confidence in their exhibitions was equally matched by their understanding of liveability and exposition of concepts”, commented Felipe Martin. “Students were telling about issues many adults wouldn’t have considered”.

“A teacher was telling me about Higher Order thinking skills”, continued Felipe, “well these Norwest Year 7 students were certainly expressing themselves like adults. Uni here we come!”, he laughed.

While all students’ exhibitions were exceptional, the top accolade was earned by Year 7 students Alexandra and Arista. “I learnt”, said Alexandra, “that renewability, accessibility and cultural inclusion are important for sustainability”. Arista concluded, “Sustainability isn’t always physical, it can be social and cultural”. 

Mr Craig Laffin, NWCC Director of Development, is full of praise for business and business people. “I am almost overwhelmed by the kindness, interest and willingness of business people to assist schools and their students. Every approach I make to a business is received with the most positive goodwill”.

The final words come from Felipe Martin. “The ethics and morals of these young students are a beacon and model for council architects and town planners and point the way to a pleasant environment to live in. I look forward to the future”.

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