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Press Release – Literacy Fun Day

Press Release - Literacy Fun Day


Hundreds of excited and enthusiastic children from our youngest in the Early Learning Centre, through to Year 12, dressed as their favourite Book Character, filled Norwest Christian College with their chirpy bubbly chats. There were spidermen and spider women, pirates, Cinderella, fairies, princesses, hobbits, ballerinas, lots of animals – cats, dogs, birds, Roald Dahl and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters and heaps more from so many books. NWCC Literacy Fun Day was in full swing! Characters ran, spun, paraded and sometimes acted out their identity with growls, special words or the swing of cutlasses. So much student and parental creativity on display.

The Theme for Book Week 2019 was READING IS MY SECRET POWER. Students rotated around activities based on children’s books shortlisted for awards by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. K-6 students also met Tony Appleby, a puppetry, dance and drama teacher, who performed an adaptation of Michael Speechley’s book, The All New Must Have Orange 430. Michael’s book went on to win Honours in the Picture Book of the Year category. Tony is passionate about storytelling and encouraging students to engage deeply with concepts that are explored in quality literature.

NWCC students, especially younger ones, were thrilled with Literacy Fun Day. “I got dressed up as Dorothy and got to wear lipstick”, said Gisele, Kindergarten. Jerome, Kindergarten, said, ”I loved making the rainbow bear and I had so much fun being Harry Potter”. Isandra of Kindergarten expressed her excitement, “I got dressed as a fairy with a wand and a crown and I loved being a fairy because I had wings!” Aadil Year 4, “liked how we got to dress up as someone and even the teachers”. Caitlin Year 4 expressed her thoughts: “ What I liked were the costumes and the books and the teachers read to us. I enjoyed the parade most of all and the book ‘Girl on Wire’”.

A Scholastic Book Fair in conjunction with Literacy Fun Day was highly successful, with many books purchased by students and their families, teachers and friends, being donated to NWCC Learning Resource Centre.

Norwest Christian College has made developing literacy a major educational goal. A Writers’ Enrichment Group especially promotes imagination and literacy skills. Two students have become published authors! Late 2018 Lara Year 5 wrote and published The Lost Land of the Illusion. ‘Michael is amazed to discover a letter in his teacher’s possession and follows co-ordinates to a magical place’. This year Hannah Year 5 wrote, illustrated and published Lila and Juliet and the Mysterious Noise. ‘While holidaying in the woods, a mysterious noise wakes Lila in the middle of the night’. Lila and Juliet investigate!

Hannah wrote the first chapter in Creative Arts Club at school when she was only 7. “I want to be an author when I grow up”, Hannah said with a huge smile. “It took around two years to write and I also drew pictures for the book”. While Hannah edited and revised her book many times, she also participated in “writing workshops to get better at it”. And she was quick to acknowledge the inspiration which came from her parents.

Lara is a bubbly outgoing person. “My main character Michael is a lot like me”, she said. “My imagination works best in dreams and I see ‘films’ of actions which become my stories”. Lara wrote her story by “attaching words to the pictures”. Part 2 of The Lost Land of the Illusion is being written and will be longer than Part 1. “My parents are so happy and proud of me”, Lara added with a smile.

Nicole Goudie, Primary Teacher and Literacy Fun Day Organiser: “Literacy Fun Day was such a fantastic and memorable day for both students and the College Community. The students displayed their outstanding creativity and love of literacy through the activities they completed, the artworks they designed and the costumes they created”.

Craig Laffin
Director of Development

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