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Press Release – Three incredible young sports women

Press Release - Three incredible young sports women


Katherine, Savannah and Claire, students of Norwest Christian College, are three very determined young women. They excel in three different sports. Katherine is an archer, Claire an ice skater and Savannah an equestrian.  These exemplary young Australians are on a trajectory to achieve the top of their chosen sport. Norwest Christian College encourages and supports all students as they explore and develop their potential and seek their purpose in life.

Katherine aged 15 and in Year 10 has been a serious competitive archer for three years. Penrith Archers have recognised and encouraged Katherine’s talent. However, it was Katherine’s Dad, who enjoyed wild area bush archery, who recognised her latent ability. A Christmas gift of a bow set Katherine on a course of serious and competitive archery. In the ‘clout’ category, which is firing arrows at a flag (the clout), Katherine was placed 3rd for her category in Australia. Her top achievement. A long term goal is to represent Australia in the Olympics.

Katherine uses a recurve bow, an Olympic bow and historically used by horsemen. This is appropriate because Katherine’s other passion is horse riding on her chestnut ‘Charlie’. Shooting arrows or riding are Katherine’s ‘stress release’. With amazing determination Katherine said, “Archery makes me feel confident in myself. I can do it, strive to achieve and accomplish my goals”. Katherine’s quiet resolution to succeed, amplifies her calm, mature nature.

Claire in Year 8, has only skated since 2017 but has already won an individual 1st Place and a 1st Place in Synchronised Skating. Claire is a very calm and disciplined skater. While only 13 she has helped younger skaters and is a most positive and contributing team member. Building on experience gained in 2018, especially training with higher level teams, in 2019 Claire progressed to Advanced Novice. Claire said, “This has been the hardest year yet, learning new skills such as Twizzles, Y-Lifts and other elements in our program”. Claire’s Southern Sky Synchronised Skating Team has gained two silver medals at Synchro Fest and States. The Nationals begin on 28 November this year in Melbourne and her team will be aiming for gold.

Claire’s Southern Stars have been selected to represent Australia in the Advanced Novice Division in the Netherlands for the Lumiere Cup international division. Claire said, “It’s exciting working with the girls to achieve our best performance. I love being in the team and competing in the Netherlands and representing Australia will be awesome! It’s also about facing and overcoming a challenge”. However, there is another aspect to Claire’s life. She is an air cadet with 336 Squadron, Richmond Air Base and is considering a RAAF career. And somehow in her busy life Claire finds time to go sailing with Dad.

Savannah also in Year 8, has been riding horses since aged 3. Her dad rode horses for casual pleasure when he was a young lad and introduced Savannah to horse riding. Her passion is show jumping. Savannah’s four year long term partner is Hermonie, a 15.3 thoroughbred. However, Savannah’s new horse is warmblood Phoebie 16.1. The highest Savannah has jumped is 1.5M (non competitive). Phoebie provides an opportunity for higher jumps. While jumps on Phoebie are “a bit scary and I get nervous, I am pushing myself to go higher”, said Savannah. “There is a thrill that comes with show jumping”, said Savannah, “and it’s fun”, she added with a smile.

Savannah is a modest young woman and talks quietly of her dream to represent Australia at the Olympics. To reach her goal Savannah trains daily and participates in many shows and has gained much success and recognition. She acknowledges the importance of having a goal, to drive ambition and determination. Savannah relaxes by playing the violin and has already passed three examinations. Like Katherine and Claire, Savannah has a calm, confident and mature personality.

The last words are Savannah’s but Katherine and Claire use the same phrase about their sports: “I get an adrenalin rush from show jumping!”

Norwest Christian College supports and encourages all students to develop their potential.

Craig Laffin OAM
Director of Development

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