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Press Release – HSC Reflections

Press Release - HSC Reflections


With the 2020 HSC fast approaching, NWCC reflects on celebrating our 2019 HSC results.

Norwest Christian College has a holistic approach to learning, with a focus on educating the ‘whole person’. Through engaging specific strategies to promote enhanced HSC achievements, 2019 saw the College celebrating outstanding HSC results.

Mrs Felicity Marlow, Principal of NWCC was especially pleased with the results. “We obtained more Distinguished Achievers than we have for a number of years at the College”.

These are students who gained a Band 6 or Band E4 for one or more courses.

After the release of the 2019 HSC results, teachers and Executive staff undertook a close examination of their students’ results which revealed so many good news stories. Many of these stories belong to students who did not receive a DA. The College is very proud of all our 2019 HSC students, each one of them has a story to tell about how they have overcome challenge and continued to pursue personal excellence with respect to their learning.

Lusiana, 2019 College Captain, gained an HSC Distinguished Achiever Award and now studies Psychology at Macquarie University. “I am fascinated by how and why people behave in certain ways but know I am at the beginning of years of study and learning”. Lusiana enjoyed her HSC studies because it gave her the opportunity to think deeply about topics and collaborate with peers and teachers. Luisiana adopted a flexible study structure because legitimate interruptions precluded a formal study plan for her. She has adopted a similar study pattern at Macquarie University.

Norwest Christian College also have a number of Year 11 students enrolled in and completing focused HSC subjects.

Tim (Year 11, 2019) gained a Distinguished Achievers place in Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1 and Physics. Tim likened his HSC preparation to a marathon runner training for the Olympics. “Mine was an Academic Marathon”. Tim consistently practised with previous HSC examinations but kept a balance between academic studies and other interests. “I enjoyed long walks while listening to music and this kept me relaxed but able to mentally refocus on study”. Tim’s HSC results are remarkable and in 2021 Tim’s aspiration is to begin a degree in Theoretical Physics and Pure Maths, given that he had fast tracked his HSC program.

Jackson also in Year 11, gained Distinguished Achiever places in Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1. “My approach to preparing for the HSC was to explore solutions, make mistakes, learn and move on. I practised with previous HSC papers.” Jackson attributes his high performance to a committed work ethic and aiming to achieve his best performance.

All NWCC students who sought University entrance were successful. Macquarie University was the prime university of choice, followed by UTS and WSU. Degrees selected included Psychology, Speech and Hearing, Arts, Engineering, Medical Science, Biotechnology, Business, Marketing, Human Sciences, Primary Teaching, Economics, Commerce and Law.

Congratulations to all Norwest Christian College students and teachers for their HSC endeavours and to students’ parents and carers for their sustained support.

Craig Laffin OAM
Director of Development

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