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Press Release – Alumni inspired for leadership & service

Press Release - Alumni inspired for leadership & service


Ask an alumni of Norwest Christian College what their most treasured memories of the College include and nearly all quickly recall the sense of a warm, compassionate community; complete with friendships, inspiring teachers, as well as opportunities to serve and support others. Alumni across all graduating years at the college express the same sentiments. The continuity of shared positive experience indicates the dedication of Christian educators to ensure a rich focus on compassion and caring into the holistic experience of education at Norwest Christian College.

2020 marks the 40 Year Celebration of the founding of the college. Alumni of the college will have opportunities to share those special memories, rekindle relationships, revisit the classrooms which incubated those memories, experience the emotions of nostalgia and review how the College has renewed and extended buildings and facilities.

Amanda (2005 alumni) especially remembers feeling “safe and respected”. She recalls how teachers modelled respect for students and for each other. Amanda is now a Child Protection Case Worker. Paris (2016 alumni) began studying Psychology at Macquarie University but has swapped to Secondary teaching in order “to help people, children especially, to make a difference”. Sophie (2018 alumni) recalls the Norwest community as being compassionate and how a NWCC sense of service contributed to her pursuing Nursing as a career at Sydney University. More recently, Lauren (2019 alumni), refers to her experience of the NWCC College community, as an influencing factor in her enrolling in Psychology at Macquarie University, with a desire “to help people”.

Michael (2003 alumni) a children’s Author, fondly remembers his teacher Mrs Carol Richardson who passed away while he was a student. NWCC Primary and Secondary Christian Ministry prizes are named in her memory. “She was always so gentle and caring with me and everyone. We all loved her so much and she loved the Lord Jesus in truth, not just in the way some folks say they do but in her heart and deeds”. What a beautiful epitaph and memory of an inspiring teacher.

Norwest Christian College alumni have left the College to develop careers via University and tertiary studies, TAFE and other colleges and followed pursuits with enthusiasm and confidence. They have been assiduous through life’s problems and hurdles and striven to serve their communities with compassion and purpose. Alumni are active in health, education and business and in community organisations. A unique feature of NWCC alumni is how they remain in touch with each other and are sustained and encouraged by relationships established during their NWCC school years.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has initially disrupted the College’s 40 Years Celebrations, there will be opportunities for alumni to share in celebrations during the second half of 2020. A Gala Dinner is planned for Thursday, 10 September and there will be further occasions for alumni to meet more informally.

Alumni are encouraged to register their interest in reconnecting with the college, renewing relationships and attending functions: https://www.norwest.nsw.edu.au/alumni-registration/

Craig Laffin OAM
Director of Development

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