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Parents and BPL

Teamwork between mothers and fathers, between parents and other carers, as well as between parents and their school is crucial to the provision of consistency in the lives of children. Consistency reduces variables, adds clarity and improves outcomes as parents, carers and school together seek to successfully nurture and teach each precious child.

Norwest Christian College’s Building Purposeful Lives (BPL) framework enables our educators to provide this consistency as we seek to bring about the best possible outcomes in the lives of the children and young people we serve. It also enables parents and educators to work together to provide a similar consistency between their child’s time at school and at home. BPL will be central to all that happens at the College and we hope that it will also be central for College parents too as they frame their conversations with their children about learning and life. For this reason it is crucial for our parent community to grow in their understanding of BPL and each of the dispositions, so that they can maximise the effectiveness of the partnership they have with College staff.

To learn more watch the Parent Partnership video. Click here to view/download the BPL A3 Poster which will also help College parents and our students to understand the key ideas of the BPL framework.

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