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Vivian Huang

Vivian Huang

“To impact students’ views and understandings about the world around them is an awesome privilege,” according to Vivian. Fluent in four different languages and an avid fan of Chinese music, Vivian is determined to bring more to her classrooms than the average Mandarin teacher. “Working at Norwest Christian College, allows me to impart my knowledge, share my passion, life journey, and Christian values.”

Vivian teaches students from Kindergarten to stage four, nurturing their appreciation and awareness of cultural differences. In her own words: “what really excites me about teaching is that you can see the fruits of your effort and the seeds of learning another language plant into students’ lives.”

In her spare time, the talented Miss Huang enjoys making desserts and cookies to share with her friends and sisters from Thornleigh Chinese & Australian Baptist Church. However, Vivian’s greatest joy will always be found in her work. “I have learned that each child is a unique and special creation of God,” she claims, having discovered her love for education while teaching children in Sunday School.

“Ever since High School I’ve had a strong passion for learning about other cultures,” Vivian says. As a fresh-faced and energetic graduate from Sydney University, Vivian confesses to finding nothing more encouraging than being able to inspire her students to dedicate their best efforts to her lessons. “I felt that I was called to go into this noble profession to share my enthusiasm and passion for the Chinese language, and my Christian values with the students.”

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