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Tracy Payne

Tracy Payne

“My teaching career began 16 years ago at Inaburra School in Southern Sydney,” Tracy recalled. “After a break from teaching to serve in Church ministry, I returned to teaching in 2015 a little older, a little wiser and bringing the whole new perspective of motherhood to my experience in and passion for Christian Education.” Tracy will be joining the team as a High School English teacher, and mentor, as well as teaching HSIE for Stage 4. “As a teacher, I want to build the students' capability and confidence so that they can communicate who they are and what they believe.”

Tracy believes that there is incredible importance in developing a student’s ability to express themselves and to pursue a life in Christ. “The opportunity to empower students to communicate their ideas and opinions is something that I love about teaching.” With a Bachelor of Education from the Australian Catholic University and a Master of Arts (Theological Studies) from Booth College, Tracy comes to Norwest to continue her teaching journey and share her experiences.

Tracy is a part of Riverstone Baptist Church and is passionate about Christ. “I am a huge advocate of small group ministries within Church life. I have previously been involved in Worship ministries, discipleship training and children's ministry programs.”

“I love working at Norwest Christian College because I have been given the opportunity to be involved in the academic development and discipleship experiences of remarkable young people. I get all of this while working with an amazing team of fellow educators who both inspire and entertain me. NWCC is a place of great achievement but also great enjoyment.”

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