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Thea Laffin

Thea Laffin

“I was an extremely shy student when I was in school,” Thea recalls, “and I’m not convinced all my teachers actually knew my strengths. I always flew under the radar and was shocked when in late high school I was selected to attend a leadership training conference by one of my teachers. That teacher saw something in me at a young age that I was yet realise and I hope to be able to do the same for my students.” In her position as Stage 4 Coordinator, Thea is driven by this goal and has a particular interest in shrinking the gap between primary school and high school to make the transition a more seamless experience for students.

Inspired by her own History Teacher in High School, Thea completed a Bachelor of Arts / Diploma of Education and became a History and Geography Teacher, and now with over 10 years teaching experience under her belt she still has a thirst for learning. “I’ve always found history to be fascinating and I wanted to enrich my teaching even further, so I completed a Masters of Arts in Modern History and Ancient History.” Adding to her teaching skillset, Thea also fulfils the role of Compliance Officer at the College, writing policies and procedures for the school.

Thea often enjoys the beauty of the outdoors with her husband, and loves listening to the birds from her home in the Blue Mountains. While living and working in London, Thea had the amazing opportunity to explore a lot of Europe and further develop her love of history. “I am systematically ticking countries off my bucket list and I just love to travel.”

“What I love most about Norwest Christian College is the fact that everyone works as a team to push the school forward,” Thea expressed. “It is the perfect balance of collegial and professional environments. While everyone connects as a family at the College, there is still a definite professional feel to this place.”

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