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Tara Waller

Tara Waller

While most teachers are at home or on holidays over the school break, making the most of their well-earned time off, Tara and her husband Stu spend a week each January directing a teen camp. The camp, located on the Central Coast, caters for over 80 teens most of which are in the care of the state. “It is amazing to see these teens come to understand the life of Christ, so that he can make a difference in their lives,” says Tara.

As a child, Tara was profoundly influenced by her Year 6 teacher’s positive and encouraging energy. “I realised that I wanted to have the impact on others that my Year 6 teacher had on me,” she says. Now with 15 years’ experience teaching Primary School, and as Head of Primary Years at Norwest Christian College, Tara has well and truly fulfilled her dream. “It excites me to be involved in the yearlong learning process with students, and to be able to show them the journey that they have been on over the course of a year,” she says. However no matter how far she’s come, Tara never forgets the influence of the teacher who was her inspiration.

Each day, whether at work or at school, Tara has made a commitment to taking a collection of photos each week to add to her scrapbook. It’s called Project Life and it’s about documenting a moment from each day of the year whether big or small. “It forces me to take a moment to remember the small moments,” she says. “To try and live more in the present, especially with my own beautiful children. Life gets so busy that it can become easy to forget to live in the moment.”

In addition to classroom teaching, from which she will be taking a break as part of her leadership role, Tara is also passionate about effective behaviour management for all students. She hopes to facilitate improvement of literacy gains and reading skills, as well as to support staff in developing individual professional development to lead to greater gains both academically and socially.