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Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts

“Philippians 3 talks about being established in love and God’s power doing more through us than we could imagine, for his glory, and I couldn’t think of a more amazing vocation (than teaching), to show children what being established in love is, so that they can find their purpose and give God glory.” Sarah is passionate about Christian Education, creative arts and making learning fun for every child. She has experience teaching in refugee camps in Indonesia, outdoor preschools in Sweden, and many early learning and primary settings in Australia.

“Spending my primary years being homeschooled instilled within me a love for learning and finding God’s signature in everything, and attending high school made me passionate about a positive, godly and effective education system that allows children to flourish in their own God-given purpose.”

Sarah attends Vineyard Church with her husband, Adam, and has served in children’s ministry for over 14 years where she worked together with a team to make God’s Word meaningful for young children. She also loves to serve on the church cafe team and bring hospitality to everyone.

Outside of school, Sarah is an avid cook and on her days off you will find her experimenting with fresh new recipes. She dreams of one day planting a garden that provides her family with all their fresh produce. For fun Sarah loves running and taking bootcamp classes, and attempting obstacle races around Sydney. She also likes to practice her Swedish by writing letters to friends all over the world.

“I am excited to work at NWCC because I have found it to be an authentic school full of real people who love God and love others, and I could not agree more with partnering with families to help children find their purpose.  I am excited to take on Stage 1 and inspire children to discover God’s love and purpose for their lives.”

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