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Rosie Harriott

Rosie Harriott

With a love for inspiring and encouraging the hearts of little children, Rosie began her career as a Preschool Teacher in 2003. She soon moved into Primary teaching, studying Early Childhood Education and then Primary Education, whilst working in independent schools. She has taught at Norwest Christian College since 2012, and in 2017 was privileged enough to attend the Year 6 Celebration Dinner for many of the students who were in her very first class at Norwest.

“It was wonderful for me to witness the growth, not only academically, but also spiritually, of many of my Year 1 students. My first class here was very special. I learned alongside them and have many fond memories of my time with them. For each child I teach, my desire is to nurture them so they will be equipped to dream, to overcome, and to achieve whatever they aspire to in their lives, whilst allowing God to speak into their hearts and give them personal direction at the same time. Sometimes the purposes God has planned for us are even bigger and better than anything we could ever imagine (Ephesians 3:20). I want every child I come into contact with to experience this for themselves.”

In her time at Norwest, Rosie has taught Year 1, Stage 2 and Kindergarten. She spent 2016 as Early Stage 1 Coordinator and 2017 as Early Stage 1 Team Leader. In 2018, she moved back to her origins as an Early Childhood Teacher with the Butterflies in our Early Learning Centre, a role she is very much excited about.

“I love the 3-5’s age group. They are so ready to embrace the world, with no inhibitions about themselves or others. They can dream big and no one can stop them. If only we could capture this enthusiasm and bottle it, imagine how the world would be! Sometimes we need to pause and see life through the eyes of the child as Matthew 18:13 and Matthew 19:14 reminds us. Child-like faith is certainly a virtue to strive after.”

Since her own childhood, Rosie has expressed a personal interest in Visual Arts and writing. In 2013, she self-published her first picture book, ‘Fletcher’s Precious Heart’ for a friend whose child had been born with Congenital Heart Disease. You can find more information about the book here. Rosie was able to share this story with many of her classes since its publication and has programmed it into the Kindergarten curriculum to allow students to reflect upon Congenital Heart Disease and the way in which we are all created uniquely by God. You can also view a range of her artworks and illustrations here.

Having led the Creative Arts Club at Norwest for many years, Rosie was thrilled to take the students on their very first outreach excursion to the Hawkesbury Seniors’ Luncheon in 2017, where they gave out artworks, poems and cards in an effort to share the love of Christ with the wider community. Both the students and the seniors were very moved by the experience and it will remain a special memory for her for years to come.

In her free time, Rosie loves sitting on her deck with her husband, her two children, and her two cats, looking at her mountain view, whilst reading a good book (often a children’s book) with a great cup of coffee. She considers herself deeply blessed in many areas and looks forward to following God’s leading in her life for years to come.


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