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Nicole Goudie

Nicole Goudie

Nicole Goudie has had a lot of interesting and unique experiences as a teacher, all of which have helped her grow to be the absolute best that she can be. For example, she travelled to London and spent a year teaching in 22 different schools. In fact she was teaching there the day of the London Bombings. Footage of her teaching has also appeared multiple times on Channel Ten’s news program ‘The Project’ in stories on education.

On top of these rather impressive accomplishments, Nicole also has a passion for music and musicals that she loves to share with her kids. She is involved in different ministries at her church, including leading various activities at Holiday Club and singing in the worship group.

Nicole loves nothing more than the opportunity to watch students eagerly participate in activities as they make new discoveries. “I am excited seeing a child's face change from a worried frown to a glowing smile as they finally grasp a concept that has troubled them,” she says. “I love seeing children racing to their parents, eager to tell them all they have learnt.”

In her spare time, Nicole loves to travel and spend time at the beach with her family. She also loves reading novels, seeing musicals and is a great op-shop bargain hunter!

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