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Melanie Broady

Melanie Broady

“I believe that the joy in my role, or any role for that matter comes from allowing God to work through you no matter what your function is. That yes some roles in life will seem more important to the world or hold higher value or esteem in society, but the true worth is found in God's Kingdom and as the Apostle Paul speaks of us as all being part of the Body of Christ we should take heart knowing that God can use us no matter where we are or what tasks we do from day to day."

Melanie values order and efficiency so it is fitting that she joins the administration team at Norwest. “It is such an incredible Christ centered community. One where everyone is welcome, respected and challenged to be the best they can be. Being a part of the College community as a parent gave me such a joy and passion for the mission of the school.”

Melanie attends Newhope Church in Kellyville and is passionate about supporting our persecuted brothers and sisters. She supports Open Doors and an organisation called Knot Forgotten who she crochets toys for that are sent to refugee children. “It started with the idea that refugee children and also those persecuted because they are marked as Christians are not forgotten. The community of makers has grown into the hundreds from locations all across the world. It is a remarkable community to be a part of.”

In her spare time Melanie enjoys being creative through craft, sewing, painting and baking. She loves to garden and spend time in God’s creation by going on bush walks.

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