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Megan Bown

Megan Bown

As a primary school teacher, Megan is excited to learn alongside her students, “learning from them and with them as they discover their own learning through challenging and engaging learning experiences.” Megan recalls one of her most memorable classroom moments was when she travelled to Samoa to teach at a local school there, “The children were so excited to learn and give anything a go; we had so much fun making planes, playing sport, dancing and singing.”

Megan is passionate about service learning - encouraging and working alongside students as they engage with the wider community to meet others' needs, fundraise and innovate to improve living conditions.

For fun Megan loves to go exploring and taking up challenges. She loves the beach and the mountains. In 2018 she set herself a challenge to visit 52 different beaches over the 52 weeks in the year! Her favourites were Mona Vale Beach and Maroubra Beach. Megan loves going on walks in the mountains - at the Blue Mountains or the Royal National Park – she finds the fresh air and physical activity refreshing and stimulating.

Megan serves in the kids ministry at Hillsong church and says, “I have a heart and passion for building the Church through the generations. I strongly believe in my responsibility and God-given calling to raise up, support, encourage, inspire and empower young people to take responsibility of the future world and Church, and to be the change they want to see in the world. Children have so much more potential, capability and vision than we give them credit for - Jesus values them for this, and so do I.”

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