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Mark Longworth

Mark Longworth

Anyone who has had the pleasure of spending time with Mark can see that he was destined to be a teacher.  However, Mark first entered the workforce as an Accountant and it wasn’t until he was recruited to help train staff that he realised teaching was his true calling.

Now as an Economics, Business Studies and HSIE teacher, as well as Stage 6 coordinator, Mark couldn’t be happier. “The staff here are friendly, the students are fantastic and there is a great atmosphere to the whole College.”

As a father to three daughters, Mark doesn’t get very much time to himself at home. “I don't have time for fun!” he jokes. “Daddy taxi drivers don't get days off. But sometimes I dream about riding my road push bike and I occasionally manage some time to play golf.”

When asked if he had any unique talents, Mark merely replied that he wished he could sing. While he may not be able to sing, Norwest Christian College students have time and again benefited from his impressive rapping skills. Always willing to put in the extra effort to keep students engaged and at home, Mark is rarely seen without a massive grin and a friendly hello.

According to Mark, keeping students motivated and engaged eliminates most behavioural issues and facilitates deeper learning. A desire to learn promotes students to ask questions and participate in discussions. “Here at the College, we care about kids spiritually, emotionally and academically, and we are prepared to put time and energy into all these areas.

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